Help me negotiate a deal....

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I'm trying to sell the domain

I am aware of a company called

So I emailed them this... (just now)


I am currently the owner of the domain,

I am now looking to auction it online, as it is no longer needed,

I am aware of your company and I would just like to give you the opportunity to make an offer on the domain, before any online sale takes place.

If you are interested, of course.

And the owner messaged back right away saying

How should I counter?
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    That's a very constructive reply from a recruitment company...

    It's most likely not something they are too interested, hence an idiotic reply.

    If you can find another company with a similar name, then try someone else.

    If not, then just auction it, but looking at that domain, it's pretty much worthless, unless it matches the company's name.
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    It very well could be that you are infringing on their trademark and breaking cybersquatting laws. Their reply could be telling you to go to Fiverr and find a good five dollar lawyer to answer the coming lawsuit.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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      I'm not cyber squatting as i had a purpose for the domain? I no longer have a purpose and no longer want the domain, hence selling it? That's what people do with domains?
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        Their domain was registered in 2007 - and yours was registered 2 months ago?

        That could be a problem for you if they decide to push it no matter what you "planned" or "meant" to do. I'd take the $10 loss and move on.
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    If you're just poaching domains, you have a tough road ahead of you.

    It is a hyper-specific domain.

    A better approach MIGHT BE to build up the domain, develop traffic and then come back to the company.

    You might get a better deal because you already did some of the heavy lifting of BRAND development.
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    7 year old domain, keep it for a few more years and then sell on flippa.

    can easily fetch you 1k if you have some PR and some inbound links.

    Old domains are gold...
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      Originally Posted by HarrieB View Post

      Old domains are gold...
      .... as long as you've got newbie buyers who believe that.
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    You had to email them to ask them to make an offer...

    great positioning.

    The best thing you can do is put yourself out there.

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    Originally Posted by QwertyShows View Post

    How should I counter?
    Seriously, "How should i counter"
    The guy basically told you to piss-off.

    I'm extremely sorry for wasting your time Sir... (And then hope you never hear from them again...)
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