Are False Bad Reviews a Weapon To Get Money?

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I am getting tired of people waging war on me...

I run several businesses and any time there is an issue with a member, if they don't get what they want they try to slander my name here on WarriorForum... I am just so tired of it. I have had this happen a couple of times, but there are the most recent case.

Customer has been a member of my site for 10 months and uses a contact method to contact my support team that is not a real contact method. Then gets angry that he gets no response and writes a bad review in my WSO that we have bad support.

I explain in the thread that the email he used to contact us is not a real contact method, we do not advertise this email as being a contact method anywhere and the email address he used was for a totally different site as well. I explain if he wants to contact us, to please use the help desk provided on the website and he will get an immediate response.

He never comes back to check the thread so I send him a PM asking him to take down his post because clearly we cannot offer support on a fictitious support method that he invented.

He responds with blackmail, stating that he will only take down the post if I issue him a refund on his last subscription payment. And this is the 10th month of his subscription, not like he is a new member. We only offer refunds on the first months payment so people can try out our services risk free.

Now he will not take down his bogus review that we have bad support unless I issue him a refund, basically I have to pay him to do so.

What did I do wrong? My team and I cannot give support to a customer who does not contact us via the support avenues we set up.

How would other Warriors handle this?
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    Report the review to the mods with the little red triangle button on the bottom left side of the post. Explain rationally and logically (not emotionally) what happened and provide any proof. Hopefully they'll do their own investigation and act accordingly.

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    That's a tough one, because regardless of his wanting a refund for the last month, he is allowed to post a review of your product and service, good or bad.

    I don't know how the mods will judge this, but I would let the comment stay if I were the mod and I wouldn't do anything about his asking for refund, because it's up to you to counter his accusations inside the thread itself and then let people judge.

    It's not blackmail. You contacted him by pm, he did not contact you. You asked him to remove the comment, and he is dissatisfied with your support so he wants compensation for doing that for you. He is being an asshole, sure, and he obviously has some personal issues, but you have to deal with that sometimes and doing it publicly is best, imo.
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    Originally Posted by ChrisDouthit View Post

    uses a contact method to contact my support team that is not a real contact method.
    What exactly is a contact method that is not a real contact method?


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      Originally Posted by mojojuju View Post

      What exactly is a contact method that is not a real contact method?
      One that works fine if you want to buy something.
      But not so fine for refunds.
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        My question is why is this even a question?

        I mean, how much of a refund is he asking for? $10? $50? $100? Now how much time have you spent on this and how much is your time worth?

        My advice is just give him the refund, then write a detailed response to his review where you respectfully (no matter how disrespectful he is) describe what happened and also share how despite the fact that you are clearly in the right and he is in the wrong, you refunded his money anyway. Not because you had to, but because you're such an upstanding buisinessman and because you truly do care about your customers' satisfaction.

        I could be wrong, but my guess is that you'll make more from new customers who are looking to purchase from businesses they trust than whatever refund you end up paying.
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    Really, though, the title of your thread is misleading. You act as though the guy posted a bad review with intent to bribe you. Had he contacted you after posting the negative review and asked you for a refund as a bribe, then that would be blackmail and you'd have some justification crying about all of this, but again, the guy was just posting a negative review - it was you who contacted him.

    The Warrior Forum shouldn't have to babysit your business. This is your customer. Deal with it yourself.
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    You said the email address that he used to contact you is not real and it's for a totally different site. That pretty much sums it up right there.
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    Joan Altz, I contact him by PM because he posted a bogus review because he did not use the contact link on my website for support. Yes it is blackmail and being dissatisfied with my site has never been a topic. He just wants a refund of the last months payment after nearly a year of membership to remove the post.
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