Membership Sites... What is the best Payment Processor?

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Hi all,

I'm setting up a membership site, and now need to add a payment processor, but are not sure which way to go.

I looked at, and that looks good.

But what payment gateway is best?


Do conversions differ?

For the payments, all I need is:

1. Recurring billing
2. Affiliate tracking
3. And then, does any one know if any of these gateways or processors can have direct deposit into a US bank account AND an International bank account?

I do not want to use Clickbank, which is why I have not listed them. I also do not need an autoresponder.

Thanks all,

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    Andrew, if the script you are using have an affiliate
    department then all you need was just a service to
    take payment.

    Why not go with clickbank or paypal, the next step
    would be to go get your own payment merchant account.

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      DLGuard is the best I think as far as scripts, plus it allows different payment gateways.

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        Thanks guys,

        Tina... I have used Dlguard, and will be using that to secure the membership, but Dlguard has 2 problems.

        1. It has no affiliate script
        2. It has no payment processor

        David... Clickbank really sucks for recurring billing. From my experience, the drop outs are much higher, and you of course need to give a 2 month money back guarantee, which I dont want to do. Its also SUPER restrictive!

        So, conversion wise, has any one noticed differences between the different payment gateways when using recurring billing?

        Thanks for your comments,
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    For a recurring billing membership site I like to be more careful with my payment processors simply because it's not easy (sometimes not POSSIBLE) to change processors for an existing customer if something should happen to your payment processor along the way.

    For example, if you are selling a one-time sale infoproduct and 2Checkout or some other payment processor disappears or changes their terms for some reason and you need to change - no big deal, you switch to another and maybe you are down for a day or two max.

    But, if the same thing happens and you have 500 members who have all setup recurring billing - you can't just transition payment information without having them re-sign up again - and you will be guaranteed to lose a significant number of them.

    So, that's why I chose to setup my own merchant account for my membership site - OR stick with someone BIG who you don't think is going away anytime soon like Paypal.

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      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for that information.

      This is precisely why I made this post, as its a serious decision that I want to get right from Day One.

      I expect to have 2000 paying members within a month or two, so I want to get this decision correct.

      The problem with Paypal is that when selling the site you would basically need to sell the Paypal account with it, and also, Paypal can be quite funny about 'digital goods' when there are chargebacks or issues - they never find in your favor because you cant prove delivery.

      Is there any way around these issues?

      Would you recommend Paypal over any other?

      And for your own merchant account, who did you go with to set it up?

      Thank you very much,
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    Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the recommendation!

    Im assuming they have been fine for you.
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