Where can I find an imageperson (what a spokesperson is to offiline company)?

by Mynt
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I'm considering marketing some mental health products. I'm a male in my early 20's--so I'm better off not using my picture.

I'd like to take it a step further than simply a pen name, and have an actual image of preferably a woman age 38-50.

Anyone know where to find the image?

Ps. For you niche inventors, perhaps this is a marketable service?--if not yet available.
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    Try iStockPhoto.com. You'll find tons of portraits that you can use royalty-free. It's about $1.50-4.50 for a smaller-sized image. The down side is that you have to buy at least $18 worth of credits just to get that one image, but you'll always have use of them whenever you need something else.
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    Thanks Rob,

    I was thinking about that.. and browsed through their photos. The only possible problem is the exclusivity. Looking at those number of downloads, the same photo will be elsewhere. But should be fine for my purpose.

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    Do a search there for "portrait" and you get 314,889 results. Look for items that are deeper into that list and I really doubt you'll run into many problems. No, it won't be exclusive, but I seriously doubt that people would ever recognize the image from somewhere else. If you really want exclusivity, the only option I can see is to hire a model and have the picture taken yourself.
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      These guys are right . . . exclusivity is a non-issue.

      Spokesperson startups like livefaceonweb.com and spokesmodelstore.com have built their whole business model on the fact that the odds of a web site visitor recognising the spokesperson from another site are minute.
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