Anyone else had enough?

by Rob P
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Hi All,

Is it just me or is the whole thing imploding???

I used to do pretty well selling info to the school teaching niche (generating around $20k per month) but I've had a break for a few years and recently my techie left and I'm having to start afresh.

It seems like a different world to when I started out 8 years ago - the internet is just RAMMED with everyone and his dog doing launches, webinars, promotions, upsells, downsells and every other technique we've been told works wonders.

I tried a webinar tonight. I used to get 2000+ registrations and 600-700 attendees on my webinars. Tonight I got 56 registrations and TWO of them showed up for the event!!!

That's not the first time either - I tried one last week and it was equally dismal.

I wonder how long it can go on before the public decide enough is enough. Already response rates to emails, sales letters and all the usual promotions are slipping (or is that just in my business? - I'm curious).

Recently I got rid of my mobile phone. Ive had enough of the pinging, tinging, buzzing and ringing of people wanting my attention to sell me something every two minutes and it feels like a significant portion of the adult world are starting to feel the same way.

Where does that leave us as online marketers? What's the future?
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    Adapt or die.

    And I don't say that to cause offense - it's just the name of the game.



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      Originally Posted by Tom Addams View Post

      Adapt or die.

      And I don't say that to cause offense - it's just the name of the game.


      I love that phrase because it is true

      I've been at this since the beginning and a dinosaur in internet times and seen it all

      every year it changes and I keep looking forward

      I still keep looking for a common denominator to success

      what is needed is thinking out of the box and lots of testing if your going to succeed

      the opportunities are there you just can't keep doing what everyone else is doing this is why your having the results you mentioned

      I did the webinar thing had similar results

      unless your willing to prostitute yourself it is very difficult to get your message out anymore in certain markets it is getting saturated in many areas

      this does not mean you can't make but I find you need to really narrow your interest in the vertical these days and specialize

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      Originally Posted by Tom Addams View Post

      Adapt or die.

      And I don't say that to cause offense - it's just the name of the game.


      Bingo !! What Tom says.

      This is Truth throughout the history of time not just for business.

      - Robert Andrew
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    Well I'll tell you... It's a tough world... Imagine you could go back to 1999... darn it we all missed so many opportunities to make money... But you know what? It's always changing and there's something new that will come up...

    So, look through what's new happening and try to get new ideas... You are probably missed a thing or two what keeps you from success...

    But there's a lot of cash in the Internet... Definitely more than in 1999.....

    Hope this helps

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      It's not 'imploding' as you said ... it's "Exploding"!

      But it's not the type of place where you can leave for a few years,comeback and expect to see the same game. The bar is constantly raising, even as you read this.

      Your prospects and customers constantly have more choices, and options. Or they may just decide to do some things you used to charge them for ... themselves! Yes, the self-service and do-it-yourself mentality is your competition too!

      Your competition is constantly growing from larger competitors. In addition to the tiny niche marketers whose constantly trying to grab sections of your business piece by piece-when you're not looking.

      So, if you take your fingers off the pulse of your market (even for a short time) you'll lose touch and them. Welcome to the New Normal.
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  • To many cooks in the kitchen. To many that have entered the space that have no business doing so. That is not to come across harsh but to say, to many have flooded the normal channels. So yes adapted is the name of the game, you have to deploy new methods to get attentions. The old is gone but it will return as the crowd flows in and out of new methods. The new is the old and the old is the new, nothing changes but time, no one invents anything new, they just re-purpose and do it better. You can get results again, just have to know the steps to follow.
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    Agree with my fellow warriors... there is a lot of money to be made on the Internet. But things change very quickly, just in the last 2-3 years there have been huge changes. Sure some fundamentals remain the same, but the way the internet works (technology) needs to be kept up with! Sounds like you might have to go down the learning curve again!

    Wish you all the best mate!
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    Originally Posted by Rob P View Post

    It seems like a different world to when I started out 8 years ago -
    Yes, this is a different Worlds!
    8 years ago I sold products throught AdWords paid 0,01$/click without any blog/site!!
    Now you must change a lot of things.
    Anyway if you has stopped for years you must wait some months to regain authority for your site, and then you could have good resuslta as 8 years ago!

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    You adapt or you don't. If you don't, your business will suffer.
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    I have been in the game since 1996. Had a few successful ventures and then they fizzled (sometimes real life interferes.) Have been working on my own new system. Guess what I found.... Things haven't changed that much. Only the delivery media has changed. What worked in the past will work today you just have to adapt it for the new media.

    What you are experiencing is just the change in the media. Take a step back look with new eyes and see what is driving the traffic today. Email marketing still works but you have to adapt it to be just a delivery system to your media properties. Long email sales letters just get deleted.
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    The game is always changing and the ones who are keeping up to date with Google updates, new marketing techniques, attending Traffic Summits every year as well as other IM events are adapting to change.
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