What's the Most Effective Way to Do Clickbanking?

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Hey Fellow Warriors,

Would Just Like to Ask, "What is the Most Effective Way to Do Clickbanking?"

Thanks in Advance!

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    Find clickbanking partners by joining a facebook group like this one https://www.facebook.com/groups/clic....testimonials/
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    Can you elaborate what you mean by clickbanking?

    If you're talking about click swapping then find as many FB groups on clickbanking and join them as Quester has stated.

    Make sure to provide and ask for testimonials whenever you complete sending / receiving clicks.

    If you're talking about selling products on Clickbank then there are many resources there.

    You can build a review site , affiliate site, you can also collect email leads and send them clickbank offers.
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    I'm assuming that you are banking clicks with your partners...

    Inserting your clickbanking partner's link in your download page or thank you page, I think is the effective ways to get clicks from your subscribers. Make it as a bonus for your new and existing subscribers.

    Instead of putting just one link from 1 clickbanking partner in download page or thank you page, you can put 1 to 3 partner's links in the pages. This way you can get more than 1 clicks from each subscribers.

    And getting a click rotator software could help you manage clickbanking easily.
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    There's a FB group that you can join. PM for the info.

    Need inspiration? Watch this motivational video.

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    Here are the tips.....

    1. In beginning always send first to your partners, so that you not get into click debt.
    2. Track optins with every clickbanking partner and even track subscribers actions
    3. Try to have 3 times incoming clicks than your outgoing clicks.
    4. Always do clickbanking with highly reputed partners.
    5. Try to have more partners, who send clicks from funnels. Funnel clicks give higher optin rate(above 50%)
    6. Email clicks give less optin than funnel clicks.
    7. Buy traffic in between to balance out your click debts.

    Here is best clickbanking group on planet https://www.facebook.com/groups/deek...gtestimonials/
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    making a list through facebook ads
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    "Clickbanking"?? .. lol

    I have to admit, this is the first time I'm hearing about this!!

    I just did a quick search on this, and now I know what it is. I think! haha

    It seems like this is just like ad-swaping. You find people with a good email list, and exchange clicks.

    I would suggest you to look around forums for the people who are open to do this, and have a good size list in your niches.

    You could also find some people in a site called safe-swaps.com. You might find people who do "clickbanking" there!

    I hope this helps!
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    Find a product or products to promote, build a blog and list your promoted products on it, then send traffic/seo to your blog
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    I have taken a break from clickbank like many top internet marketers in the past few years.
    They have introduced some strict new policies that have turned off a lot of people from them.
    You should try other networks like JVZOO, warrior plus or clicksure.
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    Outside the many facebook groups another good way to find highly reliable clickbanking partners is with the Click Banking Boss Weekly Report.

    It's updated weekly so it's always current, and features the 100 Best and most reliable Clickbanking Partners by the numbers. Meaning by the results they've produced over the last 4 weeks.
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    Make sure to put your clickbanking links on both your "Thank You" page as well as in the first email sent out.
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