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Hello Everyone,
I've came across a method, by luck really that generated 23 warm leads for my company in 3 days utilizing cold email marketing. I know this could be a great service for other's that target B2B solely but am not sure of how to push it. Is this a service that could be marketable? Any tips? Thanks in advance!
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    How can we advise you when we have no clue what the service is (other than the B2B aspect)? It sounds like you're getting a few leads by email spamming.


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      If I were email spamming couldn't I just spam even more to obtain clients?
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    Depends if the clients are the ones another business wants. And if they're actually good clients.

    Of course relationships can sell ... you can be "the connector"
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      Exactly my thoughts, I'm able to target by the clients desired target market and the email obviously has to be of some value to the recipient and display relevancy. Cold email works great when done correctly! Being a connector would benefit my clients by connecting them to opportunities that didn't exist prior.
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