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Hi folks,

I was wondering; for those of you who are gathering opt-in's and building lists by giving away free pieces of content or other digital product trials, how much are you willing to pay per opt-in from e.g. Google Ad's, Facebook Ad's and/or other networks?

I assume that when it comes to this, you cannot spend THAT much on an opt-in.

Any guidance on what you are willing to pay per click to squeeze pages with free give aways?

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    Ideally, you'll have analytics answering these things for you. Testing should answer these questions, but I do understand that not everyone has the cash to blow on testing.

    Ultimately that's the only way to know for sure though. You can guess and ballpark all you want. I do it quite a bit in my own business, at least until I have some data to work with. Most of the time I'm off by a decent amount. Traffic under and overperforms my expectations all the time. I imagine its the same for everyone, unless you have some rare talent for guessing how traffic will pan out.

    Knowing how much you pay on average to acquire a customer ( how much that customer will earn you ( and your conversion rate ( will let you know what you can afford to spent on your advertisments.

    Remember to duplicate for every advertising platform.

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    Short answer ... it depends.

    If my funnel's net yield is $50/opt-in ... I can "technically" spend "49.99" per opt-in and still make money.(tho, I wouldn't do that)

    You have to know your numbers ... which is hard at first ... when you don't know your numbers!

    I'd say ... go with what you can afford ... but don't be stingy ... quality over quantity ... keep what sticks, throw out the rest.
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