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Hey guys. I posted here a few threads regarding optimizing my forex blog for revenue. My problem was I don't get traffic. I spent already around $450 on this blog. As my niche is very competitive it is hard to rank in Google but I am trying and buying new backlink, seo and blogposts services everytime I have money. So my goal is to make at least $5 or $10 per day with my blog.

I was going to give up because everytime I spend money and nothing happens even no traffic. 2 days ago I ordered a PRMWire service. That will send my PR to major newspapers site to get at least some traffic. I did high PR backlinks (waiting for results), SEO service and even Bing Ads with this high comp. keywords. I get a few amount of clicks just.

So I was also thinking to leave this niche and turn to micro niche where competitve is low and using this $450 I can rank number one in Google easily and get huge amount of traffic.

What do you think fellows, how can I make $5 or $10 day with passive income?

Should I also go for a low comp. niche or I can should wait a little to services to take effect because there is more money in Forex?


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