Content Marketing Or Whiteboard Videos; Which Is A Better Marketing Strategy For 2015?

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What will be a better form of marketing in 2015, video marketing or content marketing? Will whiteboard videos drive more traffic than articles? Will you go with hiring an article writer or video maker? How many videos will you like to have ready for your SEO campaign if your answer is videos? Please give your views.
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    It's not either/ or . . . video marketing is content marketing.


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      Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

      It's not either/ or . . . video marketing is content marketing.

      I totally agree, but its entertainment too! You need to keep the attention of your visitor/customer. So why not whiteboard providing useful tips?

      If you need to choose, provide real value, be as helpful as possible! And try to convert your existing, high quality content into several formats like video, article, audio, picture and so on.
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      Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

      It's not either/ or . . . video marketing is content marketing.

      Steve is right...both produce solid results so it's definitely not an either/or type of question.

      That's like saying, "What is more important- eating or sleeping?" Without both, you'll die soon enough either way.

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  • Time to do some reading:

    Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

    taken from CMI Content Marketing Definition - Examples
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    A well done whiteboard videos has an hight rate conversion.
    But I think a content videos showing the face of the site owner/ mater is better!

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  • Create the videos.

    Embed them in textual posts, so that your viewers see both.

    You'll need to complete a cost-benefit analysis based on how long your videos take to create. That should be quite fast if they're automated and you don't overthink them.


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    Video marketing is a form of content marketing so you can't really compare the two.

    I would think article marketing is a better traffic driver than whiteboard videos but I could be wrong. Internet marketers usually create whiteboard videos to sell stuff. I don't really consider whiteboard videos traffic drivers but I guess they could be since they're a form of content.
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    Promoting White Board Videos are a type of content marketing.
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    Video marketing is great if you have a very granular niche and low competition

    If you have quite a bit of competition, focus on content marketing

    As mentioned above, video marketing is a subset of content marketing
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