If I hire someone to design a wordpress site for me...how hard is

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If I hire someone to design a wordpress site for me...how hard is it to have that design turned into an actual installable wordpress theme?

Is there any websites or places that I could tell me designer to check out to figure out the "specifics" on creating wordpress-size theme designs?

Where would I go to have a design done in photoshop etc. turned into an installable wordpress theme? How much would this cost normally?

Has anyone done something like this themselves? (i.e. have a custom design made for wordpress)
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    It depends. If you have a custom photoshop layout and then have it fully coded, that can cost a few hundred dollars. I've paid up to $600 for a client.

    But you find a already existing theme and then have some customizations done, then that can cost 50-$100 depending on how many changes you want to the theme. (this is the way I'd go)

    Do the wordpress install yourself and look for a theme, then get the customizations,

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    That's good advise about installing first then customizing. I was wondering about that myself.
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  • You are probably better off finding a template you think will work, contacting the template designer and getting a quote for him/her to customize for your purpose.
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    Another Canadian? Seems I'm bumping into lots here lately.

    Dalvia, what kind of customization are we talking about? Some types of customization can be pricey. For example, I was curious how much freelancers would charge for adding the functionality I had put into a site (my current WSO), and bids ranged from $300 to $500.

    When it comes to how much it would cost to get someone to do a site, much depends not only on graphics, but what features you want in the theme, no?

    Project HERE.

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    Yes, it depends of the customization. The themes that you can get from Studio Press are great. I will buy one and move some of the elements around as a basic change in layout.

    I recently had a seminar booking system put into a theme and that cost me $250 so it all depends. Basic stuff should be in the range of $50-100. I do my own graphics, so I save money that way. Obviously if you need graphics that will be extra.

    The key using a freelancer, is to create a camtasia video of what has to be done and put the video on the freelance site. Otherwise there are too many mis-communications and the freelancers know exactly what they are bidding on.

    Hope this helps:-)

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    I convert HTML templates to WordPress. I usually charge around $150.

    Samples: 1, 2, 3.

    If you want to do it yourself, you may find my collection of these bookmarks useful.
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