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by swtp43
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Can someone give me a heads up on any article Directories that pay for articles. I am doing this to get 'SEED MONEY' for my IM training. There are a couple of member sites I want to join but haven't the resources for. I came across a couple of directories that pay for articles submitted to them but have not been able to find more. The two that I have joined are AssociatedContent and ContentCurrent. I don't even know what these are called to search for more. I've tried Googling 'pay article directories' or 'article directories that pay' and variations of that but nothing comes up. Does anyone know what these directories are called? I submitted helpdesk tickets at the two I joined and asked them but have not gotten an answer. I don't think they like me going elsewhere. (been more than a week!) Thank you, Alex (swtp43)
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    If you're looking to write articles for money, the best Google search would be "freelance article writing".

    The outsourcing sites that link up article writers with potential employers are the best way of getting jobs for your self in this area. Here are a few of the biggies.
    Elance | Hire experts to do your work: outsource to companies, consultants and freelance professionals.
    GetAFreelancer | Online Freelance Jobs | Employment | Design | Outsourcing | Programmers | Web Design | Freelancers ? Find Freelancers, Professionals, and Contract Workers for Hire
    Outsource to Freelancers, IT Companies, Programmers, Web Designers from India, Russia, USA, and more - oDesk

    Of course, you could advertise your services here on the forum. I hear some people have quite a lot of success just doing that.
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      Scattermouse, thank u much! I'll keep all that in mind. I'm not looking to make this a full time gig. I just want to make enough to pay for my IM training/education (member fee's). Don't get me wrong, I will look into the sights you've mentioned and I will also advertise on this forum. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks, Alex (swtp43)
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  • Profile picture of the author sf_Imtiaz is another similar site and I don't think there's any particular term that you can google to search for such services but you can find them by googling something along the lines of content writer/copywriter/article writer required. When you find some website view its page source and see the keywords used in meta tags, you may find something more appropriate there, I've done this for, and textbroker but I couldn't find a keyword that can serve your purpose.
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      Scarfeet, thanks and I did sign up at All that other stuff you spoke of is exactly why I want to sell articles. I don't yet understand what it is you are saying here.
      MetaTags I don't know from hubcaps, but I will with what I can learn at the membersites I want to join. Thank you though, it's the thought that counts! Alex (swtp43)
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      Ant23, you'll have to go to the individual sites and check them out. It depends on a lot of variables, but they DO pay. Thanks for asking, Alex (swtp43)
      PS> Now you have another to go and checkout. - - I just signed up!
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    I've used many times for articles. You can either sell your services or buy. Just create an account for a freelancer. It's easy to do.
    WSO - How to Go Green in 48 Hours or Less

    No one remembers the person who almost climbed the mountain... only the person who eventually reaches the top...
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      Originally Posted by phylma View Post

      I've used many times for articles. You can either sell your services or buy. Just create an account for a freelancer. It's easy to do.

      thanks, I'm always looking for new tips and resources, I'll check it out!!
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        MarisueWrites, I'm glad I asked and got that response for you. It's an excellent lesson in how this forum is supposed to work. One I'll have to remember! Alex (swtp43)
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      Phylma, thank you very much, it is on my To-Do list. Alex (swtp43)
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    I'd suggest Constant Content - you're able to upload your articles and set your own prices for them that are often much higher than many comparative content mills. While some writers say that it can sometimes take them a little while to sell articles, I have no problem selling a few of my own each day
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