You're Missing the Big Picture With $2.99-$7 Front End Offers

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I was scanning the forum today and I saw a few people posting about their low-priced front end offers, and a lot of people seem to be missing the big picture.

This is how you really make the low ticket front end offer work.

Remember that it is just that a front end offer. You wont make any money selling $7 offers unless you are getting millions of visitors for free somehow.

The front end offer is designed to separate the buyers from the looky-loos, and to begin the trust building process, and maybe even break even on your advertising costs.

You don't stop there though.

The process doesn't work unless you have the rest of the funnel built out (which you can build as you go)

You need to have additional offers at various price ranges going all the way up from $37 all the way to $3,500 or more

The classic business advice is just as true in the internet era. Make the first sale which will be the hardest even at $7 or $2.99 or whatever

Then focus on the repeat business reselling your clients or customers on your upsells (repeat business)

It's way easier to resell a current customer than it is to find a new one. New customer acquisition is the real challenge, even if you give away your front end offer for a penny, becasue they just don't trust you.

You want to have a system in place that will move your low end clients up the scale and not place all your focus on selling a $7 report you'll never make any profit on.

make sure you are looking at the big picture
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    Isn't saying "front-end offer" already implying there is indeed a back end offer?

    Just sayin'

    The best thing you can do is put yourself out there.

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      Originally Posted by TakenAction View Post

      Isn't saying "front-end offer" already implying there is indeed a back end offer?

      Just sayin'
      True but I think the @ts is just explaining everything since even though they call it "front end offer" many still think that $7 is sold as a stand alone offer.

      Wierd and Funno IMO but I still see a lot of product creators selling a low priced offer (calling it front end offer) without an OTO on their offe.
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    Solid advice.

    'I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'
    -Muhammad Ali

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  • A low cost "front-end offer", whether it is a WSO or a service sold to an offline business is simply a way to get a "screened customer" (meaning one who was committed enough to spend SOMETHING) for free (or very cheap). Its not much different than a supermarket advertising a "loss-leader". It's something they "lead" with just to get you in the store so that you might spend more money.

    How many more customers would you want to add to your list if you could get them for FREE??? Well, that's what a $2 WSO does; it allows people to add to their "buyers list" very quickly and hopefully build trust with them for future sales.
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