Want to sell my website in HOT niche!

by sashagilberg 9 replies

I made a product around a month ago for the hottest niche on CB atm (renewable energy) and due to cash flow issues and not being passionate about this product, I want to sell it.

I've invested around $1500 on it and got around that much back in sales through PPC testing and affiliates.

Currently it's on 4.20 gravity on CB because I haven't really spent much time promoting it. I created a great product and business model for it, but I just haven't been promoting it.

About 2 weeks ago it was making around $50 profit/day and for the past week that's dropped down to $10-20/day. I'm literally doing 0% work on it.
Refunds are under 5% too which is better than this industries standard and proves it's a quality product.

What i'm trying to say is, this product has HUGE potential for someone who know's what they're doing as they could make upto $1000/day with it i'm sure. But due to some bad decisions, my cash flow is very tight and I can't continue with massive PPC advertising. When I launched it a few weeks ago, I made $274 on day 1 through PPC alone by stupidly throwing together a campaign with 100's of kw's to test. And it broke even that day, so with some tweaking you can see it's got potential.

But here's my dilema; since it's not really making much money now - where could I find buyers that would be interested in purchasing it?
I've sold sites on site point before, but those people are usually interested in established sites that are already doing well.

The product in question by the way is Power Home 4 Free

thanks in advance,
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    Sent you PM.
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    G`day mate,

    just a suggestion and probably not feasible
    as you need $$$ NOW .. but here goes.

    You`ve created a good product you KNOW is quality
    (refunds lower than industry standard)

    You`ve tested, made sales and can SHOW it would
    be not to hard for someone with experience at PPC
    or other promotion to increase that.

    I assume (hey I don`t know you .. lol) you know what
    your doing, have tested tracked and tried what needs
    to be done to PROVE the product is worth investing
    time and $$ into ...

    So find someone/group/company/yo mamma


    Like I said, I don`t know you or your situation ... heck
    you might need the cash by next Monday to stop Luigi
    from comin` around to kneecap you for all I know but
    that`s not the point (`n it`s Mario to isn`t it!?? )

    Point is ... if you can avoid selling the product ... then
    YOU can profit from your work as you most likely planned
    ... and mate ... this niche WILL get hotter because of the
    cost of fuel going up and the cost of alternatives going

    You would lose more than you know by just selling outright
    ... I personally would look at any alternative other than
    selling quick ... go to your local businesses, don`t limit
    yourself to online ... heck I might ask some Biz mates in
    town here if they`d be willing to invest in something like

    The one problem I have with it from the quick glance at
    your salespage (apart from that highly annoying dude in
    the bottom right corner ... lol ... I HATE auto-start things
    coz I`m on slow connection s---o it st--st--stut--stutters
    alot) ... you claim to show how to ...

    "connect it to your house’s main power grid so you
    can power any household appliance such as your
    computer, TV, refrigerator, microwave, etc."

    Here in Australia, you do that yourself and your not a
    qualified electrician ... you couldn`t claim insurance ...
    I think it`s illegal to do it anyway and it`s quite a big
    risk messing with electricity for even the experts let
    alone Joe Average off the street.

    Ohh ... and maybe place the price on your salepage
    to ... doesn`t create curiosity for me ... makes me
    think "hmmm ... why hide it" ... lol ... just my opinion

    Looks good ...

    Christopher J.
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    thanks for your thoughtful answer Chris,
    I've been thinking about getting investors or getting a loan because I know how to get this very successful.

    Unless I get a good offer, I'll probably follow the path you recommend. I've done all the hard work and put a profitable system in place, all that needs to be done is promotion.

    I'll help double your AARRR metrics 80% faster than you've projected.


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    Hello Alex,

    Your site value is: $4,400
    That should be your selling price.

    Contact me, I will link you to my site brokers.
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      G`day Alex,

      thought you would`ve thought of that ... Todd knows his stuff
      so your in good hands there to get a good price ... man all you need
      is $$$ for promotion!??

      How much you need? ... say $1000 and scale up/down to suit

      What would a 1% share be worth over a lifetime of the product
      (estimate) ... my opinion ... A BIG PILE!

      2 people x $500
      1 x$500 and 5 people x $100
      10 people x $100 each ... etc etc ... your in business

      Can we Warriors help this guy out here so he DOESN`T have to
      sell? Crikey I would invest if I could ... I`m sick of seeing products
      like this with such HUGE potential be stopped somehow .... of course
      you could contact any oil company and probably get 10 times it`s
      short term worth ... but then we`d NEVER see it again ... lol. :p

      Christopher J.
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        I have seen one other product like this on clickbank called earth4energy, that is doing quite well I might add. I was thinking about getting into this niche because it looks rather lucrative like the water4gas niche was when there were only a few of them. (now there are so many it's ridiculous and competition is way to high.)

        So basically I am saying if I were you I would try to hold on to this because I think it will probably take off once people catch wind of this niche and see that there are just a handful of competing products.

        I know I am looking into it and would be happy to become an affiliate for it.
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    wow Chris, I'm amazed at your level of caring! I've never seen someone who cares so much about the welfare of other people.

    You're motivating me not to let this project go, I'll try to make this successful with the resources I have now.


    I'll help double your AARRR metrics 80% faster than you've projected.


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      Originally Posted by alexgilberg View Post

      wow Chris, I'm amazed at your level of caring! I've never seen someone who cares so much about the welfare of other people.

      You're motivating me not to let this project go, I'll try to make this successful with the resources I have now.

      Wow! ... thankYOU Alex ... ... and believe me mate, if I had $$$ to
      help in any way I`d be sending it ... not possible at present but if there
      IS anything I can do to help you KEEP this let me know ... if I can I`ll do
      it no worries.

      Here`s a quick thought off the top of my head ... could this product
      be marketed in Australia on the same premise of "under $200"? I ask
      this because maybe the materials needed ... the laws and many other
      unknown variables may push that price overboard .... or even push it

      If you think so ... I`ll see what I can do to actually do it ... this product
      and ones like it are NEEDED by the whole world ... I`m quite sick of being
      bent over and shafted by the Oily`s as I call `em ... not many would
      disagree with that aye.

      Thing is ... I come from a farming background so could get in touch
      with engineers, electricians and others who could help ... if the product
      is sound of course.

      My last electricity bill is well over $400 for THREE months!! (Aussie
      $ mind ... still ...) ... so if I could build something like this for less than
      even $1000 ... it`d pay for itself within a year ... quite a bit of room to
      move in costing is my point.

      Sheeeesh ... Australia is SOLAR POWER HEAVEN mate!

      Christopher J.
      P.S. Motivating you to hang on to this was my aim ... sooooo
      glad I`ve given you that at the very least ... GO FOR IT!
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    If you sell you are crazy.
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