If you could go back and give yourself advice back when you were first starting, what would it be?

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Since there are a lot of seasoned marketers and such on here, I was just curious what your advice to yourself would be 2, 5, maybe even 10 or more years ago. What would you rell yourself to do differently?

Just trying to get some perspective on where I am and what I need to avoid
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    This is probably the fifth time this week I have seen this question posted.

    I was guilty of this when I was a new member, but the first thing I would do is tell myself to search the forum before posting a thread because more than likely my question has already been asked and answered.

    The greatest part of this is you have all the information right there in front of you! No waiting around for other warriors to answer your question, because it has already been answered several times.

    I would of saved so much time if I used the search feature correctly. I could of spent more time reading and learning, rather than twiddling my thumbs waiting for it to be served to me on a silver platter.
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    Don't buy that stupid course from <redacted>. You knew it was too good to be true.


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      No question of going back,we all learn from our mistakes .so i would not like to do any reversal .

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    Don't waste time and money on "things" (technique, software, random launches).

    Cut to the chase and invest in a course or mentor to start from the ground up.

    Works out cheaper that way too
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    I would never have purchased a link from anyone. Instead I would have learned about building my own links from the start.
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    Don't waste your money on tons of products.
    Start finding a mentor who can guide you.

    If I did that I would save much time and money and become succesful faster.
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