How i Can find Best niche for my website

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Please help me how i can find best niche for my website?
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    Originally Posted by saadsr786 View Post


    Please help me how i can find best niche for my website?
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    1) What niche do you personally have an interest/passion for?

    2) Does anyone else have an interest in it as well (is there a market with a need)?

    Whichever niche meets both criteria, is where you should start. That's not to say that pple make money only in niches they have personal interest in, but that it'll be way easier and enjoyable for you.
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      Do niche research.

      use the search function at the top of page, you can also use google.

      there is lots of information here at the forum as well as hundreds of websites


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      I have intrested in food and recipes niche.
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    The best niche for your website is a cross between:

    - A subject that interests you passionately
    - A subject viable enough to market and profit
    - Your skill set or experience which may be used to stand apart from your competition

    Now to find the exact one you must do some research before you get started.
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    You should search it into google, using the right tools as google keyword planner!

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    Originally Posted by saadsr786 View Post


    Please help me how i can find best niche for my website?
    There are all kinds of profitable niches. The best one for you is one that you have an interest in, know a little something, and one in which you already own products. You can either start with a hobby, and use the free Google keyword planner tool to break it down, use the magazine section on a site like Amazon (mags. broken down into niche markets) and use a keyword tool, or use the category section at a site like Clickbank to do the same thing.

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    Originally Posted by saadsr786 View Post


    Please help me how i can find best niche for my website?
    Pick something you like to talk about all day. Because you're going to.

    Then find problems people have in that niche that you can solve.

    This is where the money is: at the intersection of passion and problem.

    Make a list of several topics you could happily talk about all day for the next few years.

    Take a few days and think about it.

    Do some research by going to Amazon and searching for books about your topic.

    If there aren't any, that's a sign you should avoid it.

    If there are, read the buyer comments.

    In their comments, you'll find language like, "I got this book because I was having Problem X. And it provided Solution Y! Amazing!"

    And after you see a few similar reviews, you know you have a winner.

    Also helps you write your copy.
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      As others have stated, you really should pick something you are passionate about. You mentioned you are into food and recipes. That is a great niche from what I can tell. Choose some sub-niche within the food/recipe niche like "Vegan recipes" or "Pastry recipes" or something that you could really get excited about and go with that.

      As a few others also pointed out Amazon Books/Magazines section is a very good place to get some ideas as well as customer opinions.

      Hope that helps out a bit!

      - MrJman006
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    Start with something that your passionate about or have an interests in at least.

    Otherwise start on something that you don't mind learning
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    You're question sounds wrong. You shouldn't be asking, "I have this product/website, who can i market it to?"

    You should be asking, "I have a niche that has this problem, and i know how to give them the info to solve it. How do i create a product for them?"

    You have to change perspective when selling. It's all about attracting people to you, instead of you chasing them with your product.

    P.S. What is your website?
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    Here's a fun way to start searching for a niche.

    Go to Google or Bing Images and start searching for things you want to buy, things you would love to do, things you enjoy...

    Write down the first 10 to 20 thoughts that get you excited.

    Now start searching to see if people have a problem in those markets. If they do...proceed with deeper research. You may have found a great niche.
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