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Throughout the years I've seen a massive amount of Personal Fitness Trainers move their business online. How are they doing it? I'm sure there's more to it than their established social media followings alone right?
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    If you are interested in more information PM me please
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      Originally Posted by gitsoms View Post

      If you are interested in more information PM me please
      Useless. So useless.

      Why not SHARE INFO so we all get better?


      there are ways to do it. I have seen people use Trainerize which essentially builds the personal trainer an app and website and allows a platform to have you watch over clients etc.

      They have or at least had a free version to try and it scales up according to your needs.

      You want the basics.
      Facebook for business page
      Website or blog

      Marketing strategy also because you are competing in a highly competitive niche.

      To quote a friend of mine who is an editor at one of the largest fitness sites online "online training sucks. You'll waste time and get paid very little unless you are the few so in demand you charge whatever you want."

      Now he may be jaded, but he has made a career online in fitness and publishes several ebooks a year that he sells on training and fitness.

      I suggest you find a very specific niche and attack that. Be certain they buy, and consider creating your own product for free or cheap, and then within that product sell your Trai in services or offer it as an up sell if they buy a product you promote.

      Remember too, promoting another person's work is tricky. Be certain you read and approve because it's your name on the line.

      Email me if you want more
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    One of the most powerful ways I've seen personal training promoted is through Youtube video channels.

    It builds credibility quickly
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  • There are countless ways to increase business online for a personal trainer; in fact, many trainers now do consulting and consultation work online or on the phone, so they are able to prospect for clients nationwide. Now a trainer can monitor workouts virtually, make adjustments and give suggestions without ever being there.

    There are even "virtual gyms" now, where classes are held, etc. and you follow along right in your living room. There is some very creative things going on out there.

    And, of course all of this started 5-6 years ago with the first major software programs for personal trainers that included video libraries of exercises so they could point their "virtual clients" to the exact routines they wanted them to do, along with being able to demo correct form, etc.

    There is a lot more that could be done, but these are just a few ideas.
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    It definetly can be done through social media alone, however the key is to connect with people on a personal and social level.

    A good way to do this is through creating videos and podcasting.

    People are more likely to purchase from someone they enjoy on a personal level more so than a random website they found on google that is ranking #1 for the term weight loss trainer.
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    There are many ways you can monetize your skills online, here are I few I can think of right now:

    - a fitness guide/ebook
    - fitness video lessons
    - a Udemy course
    - fitness mobile apps, etc

    Marketing and building trust and credibility is also very important. Become a public figure on Facebook, share tips on Twitter, share Fitness quotes and pictures on Pinterest, etc....
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