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Hi Warriors,

I just would like your input on the best marketing ideas on selling premium article writing services.

I have recently built a team of professional, native English speaking writers and am at loggerheads on how to promote my services. Since the service is premium, it is not cheap but its not expensive either. In the region of $10 per 500 words. Was going to start with a simple site and use google adwords and FB Ads?

Appreciate if you can give me your views.

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    Adwords is probably better ... FB Ads may do well for that, but - not sure.

    But, I'd target specific niches. Like, "Get your dog training articles written here!"

    So, definitely niche down a little bit and have a different Landing page per each niche.

    You'll find too much competition just advertising "premium articles writers" ... everyone advertises that.
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    First of all, you would need some samples of the premium quality articles. Then you can make bids on Freelance websites for writing gigs, although it might be hard to get some work if you're still new and charging more than others.

    You can also join iWriter, they have some fast-track program for you become an Elite writer so you can earn more per article.

    Place an ad on this forum to market your services.

    All the best.
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      Thanks for your replies.

      I do agree that it is a very competitive business but I also know that it is very hard to find good quality content. There are people willing to pay and I have no problem giving samples. Will do some more research on how to infiltrate this market.

      Appreciate your views
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    Considering your rate of service, better not to try out the freelance market; you will find it hard to get clients as I have noticed writers bidding at $2/500 words, $3/500 words etc. I would suggest to avoid it completely and save your time.

    Your best bet would be adwords and bing ads. Yes it would require some upfront budget to get started. However if your website looks professional, you will get some clients considering the content of the website is appealing to them.

    Your next target should be Craigslist. You will be able to get clients who would pay the premium rate, you may even find clients who will pay up to $40 per 500 words. However with craigslist you have one major limitation i.e you can only target USA market. Craigslist targeted for other countries are not as popular as the original website.

    Last but not the least, you should join some writer's forum and try to find potential clients from there. Not only that some clients will contact you privately if they find your writing is good. And they will usually pay the highest rate for your writing up to $100 per 500 words.
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    I would be interested in testing your service on a trial basis if you would like to send me a private message, thank-you!
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