The Most Important Traffic Tip No One Ever Mentions

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Something hit me today - a traffic tip no one ever talks about but it's free, it's easy to do, and yet nobody's working for it.

Word of mouth! (the free kind, not the affiliate kind)

Do you know how often I mention the Warrior Forum? It's in almost every eBook I've written (or report). It's in my YouTube videos. It's on my blogs. Why do I give the WF good word of mouth?

1.) Because it's helped me so much.
2.) Because Allen's been great to me.
3.) Because most Warriors are a good hearted group of people.
4.) Because it's where I met my mentor who is the reason I'm where I'm at now.

etc etc etc.

How do you GET good word of mouth? Well you have to perform SO exceptionally well that people automatically can't keep their mouths shut about you. Like me with the WF or with my mentor, Craig Desorcy - he and Allen never ASK me to pipe up, it's just that I'm THAT grateful.

I've noticed I'M getting good word of mouth. I treat a customer like gold, responding to his email personally, helping him with his obstacle and whatdya know? A week later Joe Schmo, his friend, starts emailing me saying, "so and so told me you were great and that's all I need to hear." Joe's then bought my book, visits my blog, etc. See he didn't trust my testimonials or my sales copy - he didn't find me on Google. He trusted HIS friend.

Word of mouth is the best viral traffic you can get. And unfortunately, it works both ways. If you treat your customers like ****, you're going to get word of mouth alright - and people will avoid you like the plague.

Okay I'm not working I promise. Just had to get this off my chest before I go to bed. LOL
tiff <---MIA for another 23 days
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    You're right Tiff!!

    - Provide great content and help people and folks will spread the word about you:

    - Treat your customers right and they will spread the word about you:

    - Distinguish yourself in your niche and folks will notice:

    You're also quite right about the other side of word of mouth.

    All The Best!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    I agree word of mouth is a valuable source of traffic.

    My thoughts as to why it's not put out there as much as a traffic building idea ... it requires having built a reputation and most people out there either aren't interested in doing this, becuase they don't have or can't provide the level of service that's needed or their business model is less personal (eg. adsense sites) and doesn't require it.

    It's a very personal thing, a recommendation from a friend. Customer come almost already converted. Many people underestimate the power of word of mouth because they're caught up with the idea of volume. Give me one word of mouth visitor over 100 search engine visitors any day.
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    I was waiting for you to mention..

    "Word of Potty Mouth"

    Seriously, a good measure of how well
    your "brand" is doing is the number of
    "conversations there are about you.

    Just look at the names that come up
    when someone asks "Who is the go to
    person for _____?"

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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      ...and most of the so called "gurus" never reply an email... hm, but keep on sending offers. I love personal replies and you're right - it works! :-)

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    Hi Tiff!

    Nice post! I think this is the first time that "Word of mouth" traffic has been given the spotlight in our forum..

    Maybe it's due to the fact that people tend to chase after things rather than work on the basic (but hard) stuff.

    Also another thing could be due to the fact that "word of mouth" traffic is something that must be worked on by providing real value..keeping relationships real..and really changing peoples lives..Which takes great effort.

    I'm relatively new to IM but I've observed that mostly, those who are able to DO things that will be the basis for good "word of mouth" are already established. Isn't it due to the fact that they are no longer chasing after money?

    Maybe it's a natural progression in IM, first you chase after those things that will build you a sand castle and then as you mature (or earn more) you tend to go towards what really matters in the long this case some good "word of mouth" which is actually the "Best Traffic Source".


    Raul Omar Diaz
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      Originally Posted by rapidscc View Post

      I'm relatively new to IM but I've observed that mostly, those who are able to DO things that will be the basis for good "word of mouth" are already established. Isn't it due to the fact that they are no longer chasing after money?
      Ah no they're always chasing after money LOL. But you have to build good word of mouth from the beginning. I know lots of people making good money who don't need it - they use other traffic means. And they don't work for it, either. They don't care. But for those who do care, word of mouth traffic is a nice free way to get more business

      And John - I did use a potty word didn't I? But Allen muted it. LOL
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    You're right! I've had other people recommend one of my sites in Yahoo Answers or in forums. It's great!


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  • Profile picture of the author Easy Cash
    For very well offline too.

    In fact, if you deliver to a customer outstanding service, and keep it up for every customer they refer to you, you will never have trouble getting work.....
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  • I thought, for the same of the internet anyway, that Word of Mouth was non-existent. But much to my surprise, I get emails from people all the time saying they were referred, or that they were referring people to my products.

    Word of Mouth works, and it caught me totally by surprise.
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    Word of Mouth on the Web=Web 2.0 Social Media.

    Everyone talks about it. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, name it!
    It has huge potential but the majority doesn't utilize it as
    well as they could.

    In order to get social traffic, being good is not enough. Be social!

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    I absolutely love it when I get an e-mail from somebody and they tell me "I tell all my friends about your site."

    One way I'm trying to build good word of mouth is to be more accessible to people by creating a Facebook fan page for my site.

    I've also just recently started asking my newsletter subscribers to help spread the word -- and give them various ways to do it. I let them know that I'm a one-woman operation (not some big, faceless corporation) and could use their help.

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    Coincidentally, my son scored a great review from a powerful website about Wordpress. This type of action can produce tons of visitors.

    Here is the site that talks about my son's Wordpress plug-in:
    Mighty Mo: Simple WordPress pull-quote plugin at WordPress Blue

    Also, earlier today I decided to write about Tiff's video series that I think is stellar stuff. Straight from the heart with great content. I will do that after a short trip to the Amazon jungle, aka Los Angeles.
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