How to keep it up when things are down?

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Hi Y'all

How do you keep it up? We all know that we do spend necessary effort. We work our ass off.

We dont just down lie down and sleep. We work hard to the point of not sleeping, but still its slow.

How do you pick up your spirit and remain positive?
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    Just keep pumping the pump as Mr. Ziglar says...

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      Would it be out of order for me to suggest Viagra here?

      Seriously though..

      Video works a treat for me...

      there is one on YouTube of Paul Potts, the opera ainger turned star from simon cowell show here in the UK...

      Google it an you WILL be moved by those 6 minutes...

      Why not make yourself a mindmovie with MovieMaker if you are short on cash?.. if not then sign up for mindmovies...

      Get Anthony Robbins Awaken The Giant Within <-- work on your mental positivity for an hour a day with this book. Since finding Anthony Robbins I am thankful for even the little things...

      I say thank you for my beautiful daughter every morning when she wakes up and has sleepy little eyes.. and my gorgeous fiancee even though her shoe "issues" take my income and make it half of what it is supposed to be.

      I am thankful for my health, wealth and just general ability to do something about any situation I am in..

      YOU are in control...regardless of what's going on around you.. if you can stay controlled on the inside.... then you should be thankful



      Bare Murkage.........

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        Do not do things on your own, I share the work and the ups and downs with family friends and of course warriors here
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