The Path to Becoming a Better Internet Marketer

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What is the best path to becoming a better Internet Marketer? How can someone who is new to Internet Marketing progress from Newbie to Pro? Should one Invest in Education, Books, or Coaches?
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    There is no one answer to that - by all means invest in books, training just remember that the essential mechanism is just 'Selling' - all of the technology is simply the medium, so you need a good product and to present that product to the right audience. List building, sales pages, delivery pages, eCommerce, digital advertising, web site building, graphics, SEO. all of the elements come together to sell whatever it is you choose to sell. Don't over think things.

    Journalism, the profession is undergoing a massive change since the WWW has arrived. I help people to build their personal profile and create a multi-media platform with WordPress, Podcasting, Writing and Video.
    Digital Media for a Noisy World

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    Focus on helping customers through selling great stuff to them.

    Whatever it takes for you to help someone in exchange for money ... follow that path.

    No single person will have the same exact path ... but, we should all head in the same direction (helping people solve problems in exchange for money).

    Don't lose sight of that and get lost in all of the shiny, get rich in 24 hour, push button solutions.
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    We all start by focusing on earning first and learning later. It should be learning and take actions. Then speed up your failure rate in actions. Then you know what works and what's not...... slowly and steadily you will find your momentum of development.....

    Ultimately, Internet marketing is summarize in this formula....


    TT= Targeted traffic
    EM= Email Marketing
    HCSF= High converting sales funnel
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    Mindset! The biggest thing that I see in the industry is that 90% of people are used to the 9 to 5 being told what to do mindset.

    We can give you step by step directions but for me when I started to generate more and more sales I noticed that I was thinking a lot differently.

    Making money online is no different than any other business. There is no magic solution. It takes time, dedication and alot of persistence and work. You can make your life easier by standing on the shoulders of other successful marketers.

    Making money online is so damm easy once you understand how to do it and are willing to do the work.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    You can follow internet marketer blogger , attend to summit or seo seminars, attend webinars, or simply do deep research with latest updates about Google. Self study is a great help to improve and add your knowledge on how Internet do its process and goes its current changes.
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    Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

    What is the best path to becoming a better Internet Marketer? How can someone who is new to Internet Marketing progress from Newbie to Pro? Should one Invest in Education, Books, or Coaches?
    The way I did it was to find a successful marketer to help me. I was lucky in May 2014 to meet such a person. He gave me a few tips...

    Here are a few rules I learned from him which I'll share with you.

    1. Keep the whole thing as simple as possible. Find two or three methods and stick with them. This particularly applies to traffic methods - either free or paid. Don't be side-tracked when they seem to not be working - push with them until you make them work!
    2. Decide what you want to achieve in 3 months - 6 months and so on. Then create a strategy to get there - that you will do each and every day - and don't deviate from it. Don't ever forget that every time you can't be bothered somebody else can - they are stealing your money! A strategy is the way you will bring about the result you are looking for.

    3. Always go the extra mile with people. Give out more than you take. That way people will come to respect you and you will get a good reputation.

    4. Try not to let income be your first motivation - because people will pick up on this and move on. There is a saying amongst successful marketers "Don't chase money - let money chase you!" Your job as a marketer is to provide solutions to peoples' problems, So be genuine and helpful always.

    5. Avoid the next shiny object - it just leads to another ... and another. The guys selling you 'get rich quick' are the only ones getting rich! If they gave you the answers you wouldn't keep buying their stuff.

    6. Be prepared for the 'long haul' if you want to build yourself a sustainable business that will grow. It takes time to build anything worthwhile.

    7. Don't be afraid to push yourself outside your comfort zone. After all - If you stay inside it how will you learn anything new?

    There's lot's more but there's a few... they worked for me! Let me know if you want some more - or you can find more of them on my blog

    Good luck
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