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Sitted here I found myself wandering all over the internet as I search for some articles to read on a rather conservative topic, and I land on Haven't been on this website for eons and whoa, the make over they did is well, just disgusting. I prefer the old simple look.

And no, it didn't come up as a top Google result; I actually typed the URL manually.

Point is I don't see much of around nowadays. Does anyone here still write for them and generate any reasonable traffic?

Would love to hear some honest comments...
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    From what I understand the glory days of ezine are over, but just as you I sometimes find ezine articles ranking high for some pretty hard keywords.
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    Depends on what you plan to use it for. You won't get big traffic from it, or affiliate sales. But if you want to spread the word about your expertise or services around on the web, publishing an occasional article there could build your portfolio.

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      EzineArticles used to be a Google-ranking machine, with many of their articles ranking in the top 2-3 positions on page 1 of Google for top keywords. They were making insane amounts of money from Adsense; reportedly seven figures.

      Then one of Google's animal updates pretty much wiped out their rankings. Some of their articles still rank well for less-popular terms. I imagine that Google also discounts links from article sites in general, so the site is not likely useful for getting backlinks, either.

      I used to submit articles to EzineArticles, but haven't done so in at least five years. These days, I use the site for one thing, and one thing only:

      For SEO purposes, it's good to have a keyword on your page hyperlinked to an external site. That's fine, but I don't want to encourage my visitors to leave my site. I certainly don't want to send them somewhere to find a competing product to the one I'm trying to promote. So I try to link to something that isn't likely to help them, but will help my onpage SEO.

      If my keyword is something general (payday loans, make money online, affiliate marketing, for example), I don't want to link to a site where my visitors can buy something or find anything useful. In those cases, I'll link to the oldest article I can find at EzineArticles on the topic, such as one from 2007 or so. Even if they do go to the article and read it, chances are good that any links in the bio box are dead.

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    At it's peak, it was working wonderfully, you can still use it to improve your backlinks and stuff I believe..
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      Originally Posted by JamesBarefield View Post

      At it's peak, it was working wonderfully, you can still use it to improve your backlinks and stuff I believe..
      You believe? Based on...?

      Ah who am I kidding. You just came for the post count.
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    I recently found an article there through Google search. I was searching for some obscure keywords that apparently no one known to Google is writing about except for this one guy who had this article and a few others.

    The author also had a dead blog that he linked to.
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    It does but it's not nearly as effective as it used to be, you certainly can't rely just on that with your marketing though
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    Well one thing's for sure, the quality of the content is still the same.

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    Oh man, that's soooo 1990's! lol, I even had forgotten what ezines are
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