Solo Ads - How Does A New Seller Get Orders?

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As the title suggests, I am getting my feet wet in selling solo ads. Are there any other options besides Facebook?

I appreciate any suggestions.
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    You can sign up for solo ad networks and join Facebook groups.
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    There's numerous platforms. There's a lot of Skype groups (you'll need to be invited only) and you might want to consider Solo Checker. From there, your best bet is putting up a fair price to begin with i.e. in exchange for testimonials and work on building those relationships.

    Then from there, you can work on consistency i.e. setting up monthly deals and that way your sales will be somewhat automated and you can use that consistency to scale.
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    As with all subjects, it's important to take advice from people with a proven successful track record. There are tools and techniques available to see what kind of results the 'gurus' are getting from their
    Solo-ads purchases, then you simply go to those same sources.
    There are a few pointers to achieving success with Solo-ads in my latest blog post.

    Massive Success is the Sweetest Revenge.

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    As mentioned above - consider SoloChecker & I also would suggest (formerly Safe-Swaps buy/sell solo ads marketplace)

    & maybe trying PPC advertisng - adwords, bing & possibly 7search (infolinks I believe gets their results from them)

    You could also try using to sell a small click package.
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    Join all of the FB groups on wentzco's list:

    Post your offer in them once everyday. Lower your price for first time buyers who agree to provide you a testimonial.
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    You have a lot of options, but obviously if selling solo ads, solo ads is one place to advertise that and then you have google pay per click and bing pay per click and the list go's on. But start with one or two, test, then ramp up and expand.
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    I have seen so many facebook groups as well as private skype groups where all solo ad providers are constantly doing self-promotion, that can be a great start for you, Best luck!
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    Put yourself in front of where the buyers hang out. That's always a good place to start.

    You can also post in the classifieds here to get your feet wet.

    Some other people made some good suggestions which is in line with what i said above.

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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    The other thing you can do, but only if you can fill clicks in volume, is bypass all of that nonsense and deal straight with the brokers

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

    Super Affiliates Hang Out Here

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    Just to be clear: you have enough people on your list to generate at least 50 clicks? Because that's what you need, minimum to ever consider selling solos. In terms of raw subscriber numbers, that's going to be at least 5,000 subscribers in your list to be safe. You could start with a lower number than that, but I really wouldn't reccommend it.

    Most sellers build their rep by selling low until they build their rep. You could also do that by trading in the clickbanking communities, and then selling to those same people when you rep grows.
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      I'm at a bit of a loss here, Can someone please direct me to a thread in the forum that explains what you are talking about?

      Thank you.
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    It's all about credibility and reputation. When selling your solo ads, consider having the following things:

    - Joining a good solo ad site like Udimi

    - Advertise your solo ads so that you can be shown at the top of the search results

    - Have your own website that sells your solo ads

    - Testimonials of results

    - A mailing list of 15,000 - 20,000 verified subscribers

    - The website you use to generate your leads in the first place

    - Advertise this main website in the description of your profile, and tell people to Google you for proof

    That should be enough to get you started
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