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I have started a forum about 1 year ago. Since then I have been building content in a regular basis. I had promoted my forum in my fellow niche forums through signatures and also in the social media channels. My forum is growing slowly but had a regular increase graph. The change occurred in last month, two of my keywords (i.e, two urls) got ranked in Google and google started sending traffic to my forum for those two keywords. The two keywords may be not the highest bidders (they are low tire) in my niche but they are getting traffic about 70-80 visitors as a total per day. My query here is that how can I turn those visits in members? So, that the forum shall grow more rapidly. And also an additional query that can I monetize my forum now? or it will be wise to let it grow a bit first.
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    I'm not sure if you're doing it already, but if not, try sending the traffic to a landing page which points out the benefits to joining your forum, maybe that will work for converting visitors into members.
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      Originally Posted by SterlingRelease View Post

      I'm not sure if you're doing it already, but if not, try sending the traffic to a landing page which points out the benefits to joining your forum, maybe that will work for converting visitors into members.
      I am trying but its a forum I can't just post related topics or subscribe button anywhere as in case of blog. Any more ideas ??
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    This is how I do it. It works for me.

    First and most important - get a blog and link it to your forum, and put an opt-in from right at the top of your main page so that they can become subscribers. If you don't have a subscribe button how can people subscribe? It's like opening a store but keeping the front door locked.

    Everyone always talks about getting traffic to your site being the key to success, and optimising keywords etc. But this is not what marketing is about. As you know - 70 to 80 visitors a day - all the traffic in the world is useless if they are not giving you their email address and engaging with you. I would rather have 5 engaged visitors a day that 200 cold leads who are not interested. You have to talk to people somehow if you want them to stay with you...

    It's like opening that new store and lots of people come in to look around and leave again without buying anything. Visitors will not earn you money. You have to talk to them and ask them what they are looking for. Without engagement there will be no conversions or sales = no income!

    You should monetize your forum from day one - offer people a free front end offer that is in keeping with your theme, capture their email address in to your auto responder and start communicating with them. Sometimes new marketers seem to be scared to communicate! It's vital.

    Upsell your new opt-ins with your products. Your sales funnel is the first thing to have in place. Work backwards from your high ticket back end offer (maybe $499 or higher) , and create the funnel via the monthly club offer at around $47, back to your first front end offer at around $20 and first your free offer like an eBook or a video. Then start to drive your traffic. Then you will get subscriptions, sales and conversions and start to earn money. Make sure all your products are congruent (similar in theme to your free offer and the theme of your site/forum)

    What are you offering them that must cause them to subscribe to your site and engage with you. Hope that helps. A website, a forum or a blog - it's all the same process really
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    Nice info. I got some advice in other forums they said that to build more and more content specially discussion types which creates incentive. But how is it going to be possible that I will be able to build more and debates everyday, I am already building content for my forum for past 1 year.
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    Don't know if you are doing it already but creating and offering a lead magnet can get you members pretty easily..
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    I think using a squeeze or some type of leadmagnet is key to get the best possible outcome. Make the visitor understand what benefits they will get from joining your forum and follow up with a good sequence.
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    You can embedd a forced option pop up when someone new tries to access the forum, of course by forced, I don't mean they have to fill it out because otherwise you will get lots of junk data.
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    One more vote for using a leadmagnet, it just works every single time!
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    Figure out the landing page of that SE traffic

    You might want to beef up the content on the pages they land on.

    SHOW them that your forum is a trustworthy resource WORTH HANGING OUT AT

    Experiment with different calls to action to get people to sign up as forum members
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