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Hello there. So I am going to try myself in website flipping.I have a viral humor video website. All videos taken from one account of one guy. Website is just a few weeks old.
- Very active Twitter account has around 10000 followers, 15 posts and each post has +-100 retweets and website shares.
- Very active Facebook page has 1000 likes.
- PPC traffic around 500 UV a day from search engines
- Direct/referral like 400 UV day
- Traffic from Twitter and Facebook around 4000 UV a day.

And going up and up. Soon going to create a YouTube channel.

I didn't monetize it yet and just want to flip. What do you think guys, is there any chance to flip it for profit or I just lost time working because the main problem is that the website is just a few weeks old.

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    I'm sorry but Flippa Often understimates a site.
    Also because you don t have any earning....
    Try to monetize it by yourself!

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    Sounds like you have put a lot of work into your website and social media. It is much harder to build traffic than to monetize a website. That being said, what you have is already worth more than the site is making.

    If you are looking to flip your website with all the social media accounts attached I think you will be able to profit from this. I recommend Flippa.com the #1 place for buying and selling websites, domains, and apps. You can list new websites like yours and ones that aren't profiting yet.

    Also if you are planning to buy and sell more websites Flippa is a great place to do that!

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    Post it in Classified ads on this site.
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    Flippa's evaluation is not 100% accurate whatsoever, if you know what your site is worth, then you can directly contact brokers who would get you the right price in exchange of a small fees.
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      Instead of selling it ,try to monetize it .You can hire a VA to do maintenance and monetization of your website (if you don't have time )..

      As you have put a lot of effort ,it will be not a wise step to sell in for some bucks,keep it,monetize it ,build list ,make money .

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    The key to get a good profit from flippa is really about earnings. Often see great sites with 0 bids simply since the site lack earnings
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      It is pretty difficult to monetize humor or "funny" sites. Why?
      1. Typically the traffic that comes to them is not targeted in any way. People with all kinds of different desires and wants come, but they come for the entertainment . . . not to buy anything.
      2. Because the traffic is very random and from no particular market or niche, your offer isn't going to appeal to most people there. Usually such sites try to monetize with Adsense or banner ads which typically only pay a few cents per click (and then the viewer is gone).
      3. Humor sites are a dime a dozen. They are all over the Internet and most everything on them (content) is also found elsewhere . . . so nothing is particularly original and everything is free.
      4. Entertainment traffic is different than niche buying traffic. I'm sure you have already experienced this.
      So while your site might get a lot of traffic, that traffic will be a challenge to monetize. If you want to make substantial money online, I would suggest you get whatever you can for your site and move on to a money niche and a product of your own.

      Good luck to you,


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    If your traffic can be verified and the system is very easy to run, you can flip it.

    The issue is not whether someone will buy it.

    The issue is HOW MUCH MONEY you'll get for it.

    Since it doesn't have revenue, I wouldn't expect too much at this point.
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