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I like to share something that has been working for me using facebook. Most of you may probably know this but even if this helps a few people out, it would be fulfilling.

Step 1 - Get a great profile on facebook. Brand yourself with a good photo, timeline image and add your blog link in the about me page/ website link.

Step 2 - Start joining Niche related groups. So if my blog's about Raw Foods niche, I will join Raw Foods/Health related niches.

Step 3 - Add value by helping people out and start conversations with people. Get noticed in the groups and then add your blog link if they want more info.

Step 4 - Keep adding friends or people who are interested in that niche.

Do this on a daily basis and you'll be harnessing free traffic everyday.

Do you guys have any other Free Traffic Strategies to help Newbies who are struggling out there?

Let's give back to our Great Members.
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