what do you do when setting up marketing for next few months

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setting a marketing campaigns for the next few months won't be an easy stuff to do , what would you do if you have to do that?
Let's say 3 months or 6 months in a row that you have to set it in few weeks..

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    It really depends what your main form of marketing is... SEO, SMO, and Mailing are three different marketing techniques, but are extremely different from each other. Budget also plays a huge role when planning a marketing campaign.

    I could sit here and list off a ton of things I would do to market a website over 3-6 months.. The biggest thing comes down to how much money I have for putting into each of those methods.
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    I think the best thing about this is that you are actually planning.

    Most people don't have a plan. They throw stuff out there willy-nilly (myself, too; I'm not exempt) and it lacks a cohesive message.

    Come up with a theme for your message. What do you want people to "get" about you? What should they have in their minds when they think of you? What do you want to be known for?

    Begin with the end in mind.

    Then build back from that end result. What media will you be using to market?

    Forum posts? I only respond in threads where I know I can provide value. I stay out of PPC, CPC, SEO and similar topics for the most part because I am not an expert in those areas. What topic areas can you respond in that will help you highlight your expertise?

    Facebook? We know we can write today and schedule the post for tomorrow...or any time in the future. You can line this up or at least map it out.

    Ad buys? Same thing. Figure out your budget, your platforms of choice, and your ads ahead of time...and then run the plan.

    Kindle books? Put up books in the same field, so they're related to each other. Make sure their branding is consistent (again, a mistake I have made myself and since corrected). This way they support each other and the marketing message.

    The more time you have, the more campaigns inside the main theme, each with its own objective and message, you can run. If you have three months, i would probably do only one main message. Six...you have time for two or three supporting the main theme.

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say "won't be an easy stuff to do"; it's more a matter of grunt work and banging it out than anything.

    You can use tools like Mindmeister, Basecamp, Trello and other free project management & collaboration tools to keep track of things. The key here is finding one you like that you will actually use. I personally hate mind maps; they look to me like someone threw spaghetti all over the floor and made a mess. It's lists and flowcharts for me. But that's my preference, and these tools are all different, so I'm sure you can find something that reflects your way of thinking.

    "What's the best exercise?" "The one that you will DO."

    So "Whats the best tool?" "The one that you will USE."
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    If you were looking an answer for automation then I would say get infusionsoft or ontraport, either of them can have you covered for entire funnel, Personally, I'd prefer ontraport btw
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