Do you use Instagram?

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I've started a motivational Instagram page and have been using free methods to grow my following. So far, I've gained 2k followers in 30 days. It's not really a lot of followers, but if I keep growing my following with free methods until I can afford to buy advertising, I could have 10k followers in six months.

I am just wondering if any of you use Instagram as part of your business and how you use it to your advantage.

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    I think with Instagram it's difficult to monetize just yet but it's still very early days, 2000 followers in a month is a great performance.
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    The best way to use Instagram is with hashtags related to your offer. Use hashtags with your post to reach interested propects. Comment and like other post in your niche to build relationships and reciprocity. Advertise your offer in your profile and post at least 2 to 3 post a day.
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  • Instagram is pretty good for traffic. Haven't had much luck with sales though
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    I've been looking around and a lot of page with 30k followers or more are charging $35 or more for a shout out and give multiple shootouts per week. Building an Instagram page with a lot of followers could result in a lot of profit.

    I'll keep at it and find out for myself though��
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    Instagram seems to be working well for us, although we seem to find its basically creating alot of FREEBIE seekers.

    For us a list of 100 buyers, is much better than a list of 100,000 freebie seekers. This tech revolution and instagram growth does have a lot of potential if you are in a passionate niche. We are finding it a bit hard to turn them from lookers into buyers, but lots of testing we are doing, is working well. I just think its all dependant on the niche your in. That is all.
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    Instagram is effective for business nowadays seems lots of people having an account. I notice some of them using it promoting their product like they commenting in a post of a celebrities or Influential personalities saying example handbags for sale visit blahblah.
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