Where to market a new upcoming forum?

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Hi. I am a new member and am glad to have joined such an awesome community.
I need someone to help my new forum (www.FreelancersForum.org) get atleast 1,000 active members to start with. I need genuine SEO expert advice. Can you help?
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    You must have a set a big ones to come to a freelancer forum and start a thread asking how to get members to your own freelancer forum.

    I'm assuming you checked to see if the name is trade marked or not!
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    I would suggest to generate buzz about your forum.... depends on your budget and scale of marketing(paid or free)...

    Once people start flooding your site, then you gain traction and start getting quality service providers to your forum... give them some benefits to remain active and in long run, things will be streamlined....
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    Forums are a tough niche. You probably won't get it going without some investment money early on. For starters, I would get on there every day or two and try to create some new posts.. Try and at least get a couple hundred posts on there so the thing has some content. Then, I'd go out and buy some forum posts from people on other forums. Pay $0.05-$0.10 per post and have people signup, create some replies to the couple hundred threads you started, plus create some more at the same time.

    Now that you actually have a forum setup, with a decent number of posts, replies, and some other users attached to it.. You are more likely for new people to signup and start participating. Market it from buying links on similar websites, banner ads, PPC if you want, social media...any way you can as long as it's relevant!
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    Get a massive list of freelance related long tail keywords

    Hire forum posters to post and participate in threads involving those LT keywords in thread titles

    WARNING: It can take a long time to get traction
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