FB: Becoming A Fan of "person's name". Whats Your Opinion Of This?

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I have an authority site with mynamedotcom. So when I make my fanpage for FB I am asking people to be a fan of my name.

I feel weird about this just because people you know will be like this is odd for me to be a fan of so and so, or who does he think he is some celebrity or something? Like would this turn people off?

I see really famous people can do it and get away with it no problem. But that is different obviously.

I would like opinions on this!
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    Yes, I have seen that as well, I would definitely create a page with my brand or business name to avoid that from happening..
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    Here's the solution:

    Properly fill-up the "about" section of your fan page, and don't forget the fill-up the "short description" for your page.

    Once you do that, whenever you share your page in a Facebook message or a timeline post, a snippet of your short description in Facebook will show up for your friends to see.

    In that way, they will understand why you have created a fan page with your name on it, through the description of what you do.

    Nowadays, it's not only the celebrities that do that practice, but also experts in certain fields. Doctors now have their own fan pages. And so are the lawyers, accountants, engineers, business persons. It is a practice that lets people know what is your profession and gives them the opportunity to follow your updates.

    Turn your passion into profits.

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    You had the ego to use your name as the domain, finish the job and use it as your fanpage name. No one is famous until they are. If you don't think you will be though, then you won't. #deep
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