Too many links within site, spamming?

by Challe77 3 replies
If you have a review site with 3 product reviews and 20-30 articles.
Is it a good idea to put a link to the review pages or even the merchants site itself (when promoting an affiliate prodcuct) at the bottom of every article, or do I risk that the visitor feels spammed?

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    If it's your site, do what you want. The word "spam" does not apply.
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    do you feel 'spammed' at yahoo, msn, google, etc? they all have links and ads on every page.
    I wouldn't be too worried about it..


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    Though Chris is absolutely right, by being spammed, in this case we could use 'scammed' or 'sold to' (unfairly).

    Visitors are people with all the usual emotions and psychology you would expect.

    If you place 'appropriate' links that enhance your own article and for example provide further information to show the pricing page or fetaures page of a product then most reasonable people wouldn't feel spammed.

    I'd also suggest 2 things:

    1- Make the product name or the phrase like "feature rich" into links. As in ...

    this product is feature rich at a reasonable price

    Do this in the body of your article. It is probably much more effective and also is relevant to what you're talking about. It is less overt too.

    2- Use the "nofollow" attribute for the link. That means you preserve your "link juice" as far as the search engines are concerned. In other words in the eyes of the search engines you have less outgoing links and this helps such things as your page rank.

    Yet your readers can still click the link and you get affiliate commissions.

    The notation is like this:

    " this product is <a href="http://YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE" rel="nofollow">feature rich</a> "

    Good luck
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