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Anyone using Facebook groups to generate sales for solo ads? I'm not talking about pitch fest posting methods but more natural engagement. My goal is to create repeat buyers. I need to get at least 1 solo ad sale per day. Thanks in advance!!
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    Yes, I use fb groups to promote solo ads and working for me
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    Unfortunately, posting in groups is exactly what you said, a shameless pitchfest but that's how I have seen so many guys starting their solo ad career..
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    Groups have become so saturated these days..That's where I see the problem being. Honestly, you're probably better off Boosting a post on your page, or using FB Ads. If you try and do it via groups it will probably end up looking exactly how you don't want it to.
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    Now i am not doing like that.
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    You can find decent facebook groups for solo ads for sure, or clickbanking if that's your thing.
    Have you signed up on Udimi yet ? It's a booming marketplace of solo ads sellers, and as you build credibility you will also increase sales. With Facebook groups, you're not really building a long-term reputation.
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      I am having success with building my list & getting sales from FB solo ad groups. Here's a process I follow:

      1) Make sure the seller has success testimonies.
      2) Do some research & visit their personal solo ad website.
      3) Message the seller on FB to ask when was the last time they promoted your offer.
      4) Buy a maximum of 200 clicks as a test to see how many opt ins & sales you get.

      This is working well for me.

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    I see many people posting every single hour but hardly think it's working for them, it's just spam!
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    Unless you pay the group admin to pin your ad on the fb groups or find groups that are not really busy you may have a hard time keeping up with the pitch fest as mentioned above.

    You got to really stand out
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    Some groups are just useless, not all but... facebook groups with thousands of members are not active. I've tried alot to post in one group (relevant niche, not spam with call to action for discussion), but if you post to group which got around 6k members and during 24 hours get 2 likes with no comments and shares it is not worth even bother, better leave. The thing is people (still dont know maybe bot's/fake users) do not care about you they care about themselves,- post own information and even do not try to check others
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    As Saiah mentioned you really have to stand out
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  • Best way is not for you to post but your buyers with number and real numbers

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    I manage some private profiles to direct traffic into my leadpage!

    Sometimes I post in some groups.

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    The trick is to be able to drive so much traffic you can bypass all of this nonsense and go straight to the brokers and have them sell your traffic for you

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      Well, my take is on this - post your service on different solo ad groups
      on FB and post a lot. Many may argue with me about pitch-festing or
      so, but this is how this works.

      I am into many such groups and seen people earning well over 50K doing
      this. But, you have to be consistent and genuine. There is no place for
      fake clicks or you will be exposed.

      There is no harm advertising your service on a daily basis. Don't we see
      infomercials, and other ads daily on TV?

      You can also consider skype-groups to negotiate a good deal for your

      Hope this helps.
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    Those mentioning 'pitch fest' do you guys mean promote or advertise?

    When did promoting your business become a bad thing? Did I miss something?

    Somebody better tell McDonald's, and Burger King, and Coke, and all the beer companies to cut it out.

    Whether it suits you or not make no mistake about it there are lots, and lots, and lots... of clicks being sold via pitch festing in groups that are related to buying and selling solo ads.

    ...just saying.
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