Best self-hosted autoresponder and email marketing service

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Hello Forum Members.
I'm looking to transfer my list, which is getting bigger and bigger, from GetResponse to a hosted solution.
I saw this app MailWizz - Email Marketing Application - PHP Scripts | CodeCanyon , which has very good ratings, and from what I can tell it can worth with mandrill. I haven't tried mandrill either, but my research proves it to be quite popular.
► Has anyone used mailwizz? Would you recommended it?
► Is there a better email marketing solution other than this?
I need something as cheap as possible, without quality and features being compromised, with no list size limitations. Autoresponders is a must!!!
► I want to have someone install and setup everything on my domain, so please if you really know how to do that and are willing to do quality work with any revision required, please do send me your quote. Also, state what your support rate would be, e.g. 1 ticket or 1 hour per month.
Thanks a lot!
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