Kindle success stories please...

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Warriors, in my hard-disk here on my computer I have about 3 stories each not less than 10,000 words.

I want to get these books out there. Release them on Amazon Kindle. See what happens.

Is any of you guys making any money on the by selling books on Kindle?

Share your stories please, motivate me and other writers...
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    The only way you are going to know is to try. There are millions of books, all with different levels of success. Also key is how much promotional effort you're willing to invest.

    I've been buying full and partial rights to ebooks and audiobooks, so I don't write them personally. Obviously, some do better than others.
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      The real motivation you're seeking will come from groups that specialize on kindle. The sub-forum for kindle here will serve you well.

      Also (if you're up for it) jumping on to products like Kindling by Geoff Shaw will greatly help you and you will find the support of hundreds of members who are actively trying to make their living off kindle. The FB group is great for tips, tricks and general motivation to keep those fingers tapping away on your next story.

      My point, if it wasn't already obvious, is that groups related to your subject of interest will be the best bet in terms of success motivation and seeing others succeed at levels you'd like to be at.
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    If you are seeking motivation, then let me tell you this, I know a guy who is doing 6 figures with kindle but he does volume (Many titles per month), not with just handful of books,,
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    There are a lot of folks doing well with fiction self-publishing, but for the most part, they've moved on from here, and hang out elsewhere. I WOULD publish them, but know that three short stories likely won't do much, especially if they are stand alone stories.

    The industry has progressed since the early Kindle WSOs, so make sure that your stories are well-edited, proofread, and have professional quality covers.

    Best of luck!
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      Originally Posted by TinkBD View Post

      There are a lot of folks doing well with fiction self-publishing, but for the most part, they've moved on from here,

      Best of luck!
      They have moved to what other platforms exact??
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        Originally Posted by Patrick Brown View Post

        They have moved to what other platforms exact??
        Most of us are holed up in free Facebook Groups where we can learn from each other and share ideas.

        I know a lot of people making money with Kindle, myself included. However, I'm not "crushing it" because I don't outsource. I do all the work myself.

        There are a lot of blokes out there selling courses instruction people to flood the Kindle market with a bunch of mediocre crap. This is poisoning the market, but Amazon is cracking down.

        Kindle is viable, but your priority needs to be quality books and not quantifying your income. If you concentrate on the first, the second will come naturally.
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    I am just amazed that people read junk....

    I hated 50 shades, I am not a prude but the writing was ....atrocious

    What about actually writing about something you love or care about ?

    Or writing fiction from the heart? I feel sorry for those who actually want to find a "good read" on Kindle today as so much is spun, outsourced, thrown together etc
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    Kindle is one of my secret source of subscribers to my list building. Start using KDP program, which is free and give you great start. All tools are available in the members area but you hardly need any thing.

    Your initial requirements is KDP account, your ebook in kindle word format and just upload your book. Most of the part is handled by amazon itself and simple step by step method.

    You can test waters by doing free promotions in KDP, which is 5 days in 90 days period. After that, book will be available for sale on amazon. PM if you need special help...
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    I have a client that's making $900 a month just off one book I wrote for him several months back.

    His secret?

    He built a SOLID BRAND on Amazon Kindle

    You see, book buyers are looking to FOLLOW AUTHORS

    Don't just focus on the content of your book, focus on building a FOLLOWING

    Be the Go To Guy for (INSERT NICHE HERE)

    if you don't do that, you'll be playing the Kindle game just like everyone else

    In other words, you'll be playing it to lose

    Also, keep in mind that the KU rules have changed

    The name of the game now is to write your book so readers will load more pages

    Thankfully, this is EASIER to do than most people realize
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