Different personas or profiles for each niche?

by Zaen
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Hi fellow IMers,

I was wondering whether or not I should create a different social media profile for each niche I market?

For example I market all 3 niches on twitter from one twitter account (my name).

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    In my opinion creating different social media profiles would be much more effective for your promoting. If you use different profiles it will increase your chance to reach more audience.
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      Thanks so much Kazim. I will create a profile for each one. I would thank you but I cant find the button! On Facebook when I create a page is that page separate from my main profile? Or can people see my profile and who created the page?

      Appreciate all the help!
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    Don't think it would be absolutely necessary, your time, energy and efforts would be much better spent behind stuff like funnel creation, running campaigns etc..
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    If the niches are not related, it's better to use different personas. You don't want people to see that you are an "authority" in several niches. It's much easier to become an authority when people see that you put all your focus in one niche.

    On the other hand, if you are in the IM niche, you also don't want your competitors to know your other niches.
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    Yeah you can do it, I believe Frank kern had different persona for one of his products..
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    Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the help.

    Happy marketing.
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