Niche Domination Vs. Promoting Different Products

by T.J.
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Is it better to try to dominate a niche or Promote TONs of different Products? I've heard that dominating ONE niche is best but I've also heard of many people promoting 35 to 100 different products.

I would like to get some insight from some of the marketers here. If you could share your experiences as far as what's worked best for you I would appreciated it.

Which one worked best for you?
Can some one help with this?

Any help would be appreciated.
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    The only thing that has worked for me is to focus on one thing and to think about it and dream about it and not try to do anything else. I know people sell dozens of things but I would not find this satisfying much less profitable. I need to be immersed in my area of specialisation, then I come up with winning ideas, promotions, and I write better copy.
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    The best thing is to dominate several niches
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    Thanks to all who replied. I am getting better at SEO so I wanted to try to start doing this but as you probably already know this can take some time.

    I Stuck between dominating with articles or my site because the serps can fluctuate so much and my articles seem to bee more sticky. I just hate the feeling of wasting links so to speak on articles when I could be using them for my site deeplinks.

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    "Don't put all your eggs in one basket"
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    It's never wise to spread yourself too thin, but at the same time multiple income streams is smart. So long as you are able to keep up with working several niches, or can afford to outsource, I say the more the merrier.

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    It is difficult and even if ive been in the game for a pretty long time im sometimes unsure if i should keep working in some niche or try a new one. Im trying to build something that wont break if one niche goes under and if you plan to make a living you better have many different incomes online. Things move very fast online and even if you make $100 a day doing one thing, the next day it can be 0.

    So the answer is to dominate many niches I guess
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    Do both. Personally I go wide first and throw up blogs with click ads and try to grab some traffic based on niche keyword content - free stuff from article sites and PLR and things I already have.

    If that becomes significant, I start replacing the ads with affiliate ads and working in some sales based content. I'll usually put up an opt-in box and offer an info-freebie at this point. Again, these are usually made out of free content on the web or stuff I have on the harddrive from buying lots of PLR over the years.

    If that works well I start digging deeper, participating in forums and other blogs, doing guest posting where I can, trying to get a "face" in the niche.

    If that works well I create my own cheap product and upsell it from the freebie.

    I've never really made it past that point, and only a handful of my sites even made it to the point of having the opt-in box added, but to answer your question:

    Test a lot of niches and dominate the ones that pass the test.
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    Thanks a lot guys. I think I will start promoting more, but my only problem is that I don't have that much time. I work to jobs so it's A little hard for me to get more than a few hours a day.

    I started spinning articles now with JetSpinner. I'd forgot about them for a while so now I'm using them for the first time. I didn't know how to use them properly when I first saw it. But my out put of articles has risen dramatically. So I'll see how that goes...

    I think that the another problem is the price point of products in my niche. They're priced so high plus you have the economy. That's why I'm considering making my own product. Either every product in my niche is over priced or the landing page sucks and hasn't been updated in years, or the program is given away for free online.

    This is why untill I come out with my own product at a reasonable price point, I'm think I'm going to experiment with a few other niches as well.

    Like the quote Micheal "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" even though I've heard it before. If the product was selling well (I mean selling period) then I would concentrate on this niche only but I think I may go ahead and start 1 or 2 more projects. I'll see how it goes.
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    Thanks Jokarl. These are the types of answers I was looking for. To help me confirm my one thinking as well.

    Thanks Keith Kogan as well. I actuall bought a PLR (with resale rights) to try and market it but it wasn't that good to resell so I didn't even bother.. Additionally it had a Affilliate link by the creator of it at the end. It made me say to myself I should just make my own dang book give it away for free and put my affiliate link in it. Or better yet do the same thing and sell it with resale rights like the one I bought for 2 or 3 bucks (with my own affiliate link in it of course as well)!

    BTW...When you said "click ads" did you mean like Adsense?
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