Sick of the gimmicks. What is the best way to make money online?

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First, I am an experienced marketer and have experience building a traditional business but am hitting a wall online with building a significant audience or at least one that is capable of driving enough income to replace a traditional job.

Second, I am pretty tech saavy and am familiar with many of the online marketing tools from free to paid - senuke, gsa, interspire/mta, email platforms, autoresponders, landing pages and so on (you get the idea).

Third, I have tried affiliate marketing, list building to sell products, traffic generation, direct sales, gurus and on and on. 99% are gimmicks where there is no substance to the program or product.

I am tired of false starts and putting effort into things that have little to no payoff and I think one of three things is wrong. One - I keep heading down the wrong path. Two - I am doing things 100% wrong. Three - It is all a scam and there really is no income at the end of the rainbow.

Noob bashing is fine, but what would be better is if people who are successful would provide at least a starting point for those of us who are frustrated with trying and not getting ahead. Being no stranger to hard work, I am sick of the traditional lifestyle and always living in fear of layoffs and downsizing. I need and want a realistic model of how to be successful online. I understand that many who are successful don't want to give away the model, but I am betting that there are more than a few who are willing to share their success.

Please don't use this question to post more useless programs. It is time for a fresh start in online marketing so please post only those programs or systems where you have been successful and where you do not mind being the giving mentor willing to help those who only need to be pointed in the right direction.

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    My success was from product launches ( SOFTWARE )
    I hired a programmer . Made the software which was in my idea.
    Wrote my own copy. . made some shitty graphics myself and launched it

    Made pretty good money for me.

    Lot of idiots / IM Gurus .. make this whole Internet Marketing thing tooo complicated with information overload. I was trapped too but later realized that I should find my own way. I realized that 95% of people who claim to offer the "$45645098459064 a day secret" as WSOs and ebooks haven't even made a penny online .. or at least with their method , if they did 99% of them would not tell you.

    I don't know the secret to make that big money ... My method is not a secret. Everybody knows that

    Just provide something useful for the people . They will pay you for that.

    Trust me , this works !

    All the best mate (Y)
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      ...blah, blah, blah

      Originally Posted by aby2maria View Post

      Just provide something useful for the people . They will pay you for that.
      Ignore EVERYTHING else.

      Get good at creating value!
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    You listed LOT'S of different things you've tried over the past few
    months there.

    Sticking to just ONE thing and seeing it through right to the end....

    ......IS the ONE BIG secret to making it online.

    You see, the thing is that people only talk about their SUCCESS rather
    than their failures.

    If they mentioned how many times they actually FAILED before they
    succeeded then most people wouldn't even bother joining their
    programs, buying their products and so on.

    Also.......another mistake I think you may have made is to LEARN from
    MANY DIFFERENT coaches too.

    Just imagine having 50 different coaches screaming at you if you were
    being coached to learn how to play tennis or something similar.


    For me I personally think "Creating and launching products" online is
    the only way to build a scalable and sustainable online income stream.

    You can connect with a a TON of marketers through facebook groups
    that are trying to reach the same goals as you.

    You can support one another and build a real community.

    Look for "JV Groups" at facebook and see how BIG this movement
    has become over the past few months.

    Good luck,

    -- Gavin
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