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Hello warriors!

So right now I've got in the works some income streams that are earning for me, but I've always been interested in being really knowledgable about a certain product or topic, and basically flipping products in that topic. I like the idea of lower volume sales instead of just like buying thousands of little gadgets and selling them for a $0.05 profit each (so I'd be more interested in a model closer to antique flipping).

However, I would like to find a product/topic where I could do this without having to actually touch the product (as shipping on demand is a bit tough for my situation right now). I would prefer a digital product, but all I can think of is really domains and websites.

Are there any other ideas of topics or areas that I could do this sort of model with? I'm perfectly fine with having to take time to learn the details of an area (I love learning so this would be preferred actually).

Sorry if this post is a little convoluted or vague, hopefully the main idea made it through!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!
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    There are lots of intangible products you can sell online the digital download space which means no shipping.

    Think templates, graphics, music files, software.

    I flip those all the time
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