Difficult time coming up with a domain name

by GGpaul
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Either I'm not clever, or I'm just brain dead.

But, I have several clients where I consult them / do SEO / ppc. It's at that point now where I want to go the extra step where I want to have an agency name + actual website, but I'm so bad at figuring out a name for myself.

How did you come up with your name? Did you brainstorm? did you hire someone? Did you just think of something out of the blue?

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    Have shared this before, but here it is again:

    The Best Domain Name Generator Ever: Impossibility!

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Lean domain search is my favorite of the domain search tools also. Here's something I came up with that might help too:

    What about tying your name (pen name) into your domain name. I plan on eventually getting into a few different niches and I decided that I would use a different pen name in each niche, but keep my actual first name for all of them - just change the last name for each niche to make it easy.

    And for the last name you could use a last name that is also an adjective or a name that means something. You could do a quick Google search for "names that are also adjectives" or "names that also mean something". But, pick one that goes along with what you're doing.

    You help people rank High in the search engines. You help them reach a Top spot. So if you wanted to be known for that, you could use the last name High for your pen name or Top. These are real last name btw, I just checked the whitepages to make sure. You also essentially help people make more money so you could use a last name like Banks or Green (green as in money). Or Swift if you can deliver results swiftly.

    If you consider the way the brain works and how it links things, perhaps having such a name will cause people to link the adjective meaning to you on a subconscious level. Some of these adjective names may seem a bit silly to use, but some aren't as obvious. I came up with a last name that I like the other day that is similar to another word, but it's one letter off, so it's not exactly the same, but I think subconsciously it could still make people think of the word that it's similar to and link it to me. I don't want to share it though because I want to use it later, but that's something else you can think about - words that sound like other words or are spelled very similar to other words.

    After you have a last name you can tie that last name into your business domain name also. Maybe your first name is Jim, and you decide to use the pen name Jim Swift which works on you clients subconsciously because they want nothing more than to see some swift results from you. So you sign your name "Jim Swift" on all of your articles. You have a domain name like SwiftSEO.com or SwiftMarketing.com.

    If you think Swift is too obvious, you could try to find a last name that is similar to that like Swif, Jim Swif with your domain name being SwifMarketing.com. Your email would be, Jim@SwifMarketing.com.
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    ncloud has a unique approach that I have never thought of. You may also consider using your name if you serve local businesses and have some word of mouth clients. This worked well for me when I used to design websites. It was easy to rank on page one of google that way.

    You could also add a word to your name like design, seo, marketing etc.
    Rush PBN - PRO PBN SETUP - 10 PAGE SITE !!! Premium Theme
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    Don't nitpick! That's the only thing I can say, just make it your market-specific and you are off to the races!
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