Need suggestions on listing claim verification methods for my business directory.

by Dave O
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I've finally "launched" my online business directory and am SUPER EXCITED to see people using it already.

I had two listing claims within the first 24 hours and struggled a bit with how to verify that the claim is legitimate.

I emailed both claimers a nice message asking for a copy of their photo ID as the listings were for a professional that is listed by name.

One guy declined right away but I ended up approving his claim anyway because his email matched a listing on a state certified list.

The same for the second claimer.

So my question is for those that have experience with business directories. How do you go about verifying that a listing claim is coming from the actual business or professional?

I'm thinking of doing phone calls to the business phone number or professional and saying something like "Hi this is Dave from and I'm calling to verify your listing claim". This method puts the workload on me rather than my potential customer.

There will be times that I can match the phone number or email address with official government records as my niche is heavily regulated by various state and federal laws. However what about the times when a legitimate business isn't in those government records? I have nothing to compare the listing caimer to. Some businesses will have a website that I suppose I can use to verify via phone call or email address.

I feel like I have a patchwork of methods to verify that a claim is legitimate. I need a definitive methodology to do this. verifying a listing claim even that big of a deal?



ps This is my first "launch" so to speak and to see people using the site already, albeit very little, is very satisfying. To anyone that is struggling to start something just keep chipping away bit by bit. Once you actually "launch" something you'll have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and mind. I promise!
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