The stupidiest claim ever

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Hello warriors.

Few days ago I had a good idea for one local company to expand their business. I have done some keyword research and the numbers were very promising. So I decided to offer my PPC services and some other online promotions using articles.

So I grabbed my phone and called the firm. The secretary answered and she schedueled me for the next day.

Next day I went to the firm. The boss was an older man and we spoke for 1 hour. He said "Yea yea internet, we get thousands of mails from all over the world". I was talking about PPC and tried to explain how it works. Then a guy entered the room. "Meet our web designer" said the man. I thought "Here's a guy who would help me to sell my services". Again I started talking about PPC and article marketing and the young guy said: "Yea yea - you mean SPAM..." nodding his head. I almost started laughing my ass off for such a claim. It obviously stated the guy didn't knew nothing about IM and the way things go around.
I asked him "what about your website statistics? how many visits per day your website has"
He stood up streching victoriusly saying "we have 20 visits per day". He was so proud saying that.

I could hold it anymore and I started laughing. I thought one says we have thousands of mail coming each day and the other one says only 20 visits per day. So I asked him does he uses some mailing services. He said "No! Everything comes from the site". So I'we said: "If I understand you correctly you have 30,000 mails from 600 visitors??". The guy said proudly: "It is all in the design". After that I just said goodbye and started doing something that doesn't involve my country firms and business.

I just wanted to state that this firm is very good when you compare it to the other firms in my country. The main terminology of our firms is: "when I type my website name in google it shows first". Many firms don't even have their websites, and the one who do only have poorly designed web shops with poor rankings in alexa (no visits).

I cant believe that people in my country only do offline biz. We have about 100 websites that are good and all the rest is crap.

Now can you imagine a look on a peoples faces when you say "internet marketing"

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    All I can say are two things.

    1. You're a smart business man, looking into the internet as business opportunity in place where not many others don't know how to use it for business.

    2. Women from Croatia look like Supermodels.
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      Originally Posted by Takuya Hikichi View Post

      All I can say are two things.

      1. You're a smart business man, looking into the internet as business opportunity in place where not many others don't know how to use it for business.

      2. Women from Croatia look like Supermodels.
      Thanks! I sure agree that we have good looking women in our country
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        Originally Posted by Quilst View Post

        Thanks! I sure agree that we have good looking women in our country
        Got a room to rent? lol.
        eCoverNinja - Sales Page Graphics & Layout Specialist
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          Originally Posted by KarlWarren View Post

          Got a room to rent? lol.
          Hehe! Yeah! You can crash at my place and I will show you the beauty of our local population
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        I like pretty Croatian women too!

        I think with your expertise, you don't need to worry about trying to get local off-line business to "hire" you as a consultant. My personal opinion is that you'd be better off to just do your own internet marketing thing on a global scale. You'll be happier, have less stress in your life and time and money to pursue those Croatian Beauties!

        Go for it!

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        From my experience when I was doing something like this in your neighborhood Montenegro:
        You're over-complicating things, going into details that they cannot relate to. The key is to talk what's there for THEM. The details on your tactics do not interest a company executive. It comes down to this:

        Do they need new clients?
        Do they need new leads?

        How much they can pay you if you supply clients or leads (or how much could you charge them for that). You don't even have to mention the word internet, just find some kind of form to supply them what they need. I know that's not easy either, but if you open their appetite with the talk about how much is a new client worth to THEM, and start supplying new clients... you're demonstrating how powerful this is. Well, if they cannot relate that - there's nothing you can do. Run away and stay away!
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          Hi Quilst,

          Interesting post, but look at it this way - you're sitting on a goldmine...

          Frustrating as it may be, if people are already impressed with such poor marketing results, imagine what you could do if you put together some form of proof for them...

          Maybe you could work with a few companies for free, on the proviso that you can then use them as examples for other companies. I'm sure once the companies involved see their rivals' turnovers doubling and tripling they'll beg you to be involved.

          Hope that helps

          Killer Emails. Cash-spewing VSLs. Turbocharged Landing Pages.

          Whatever you need, my high converting copy puts more money in your pocket. PM for details. 10 years experience and 9 figure revenues.
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    I was out there two months ago...... great looking women
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    You horny devils
    I bet you didn't even read the text just thinking about the ladies - lol
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  • Approaching someone and not knowing their lingo, and their needs on a professional level is almost like flying to another country and trying to pick up women without knowing their own language. It's gonna make you look like a jackass, and you'll probably leave empty handed.

    Any type of brick and mortar business would rather here "prospect" or "lead" than "visitor".

    The mentality of a visitor is someone who is coming to the firm to bring lunch to their spouse. The mentality of a good lead is $$$$$$$$$$$$

    You can't just bust in there ranting about PPC and SEO, especially in a company that doesn't already obviously use services similar.

    When the web designer was very proud of the 20 visitors they recieved daily, that was your cue to say "Good job! That's impressive! But, what if I told you that I might be able to get you upwards of 100 a day, think of how many of those could turn into viable prospects and leads?"

    Tackling brick and mortar businesses can be a rough job. Often, these companies are set in stone (literally) and don't like to be sold too, especially as something as "flimsy" as the internet. It's your job as a salesman to convince them otherwise, show them benefits, and close them.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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