How to Monetize Directory/YellowPages Sites except Adsense?

by caner
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Hi all,

I have a business directory (no specific niche, it's a broad US small biz directory) site with 3K-4K uniques per day and increasing every week, i have Adsense and this is the only way i monetize it. I need some suggestions for other income streams, here is some stats about the site:

91% U.S. traffic
Bounce rate is 90% (i guess they just look up phone or other info and leave)
New Sessions: 95%
Pages/Session: 1.20
Avarage Session Duration: 26 seconds
Main traffic source is Google organic (92%)

I think of adding an exit popup and building a list but don't know what to offer or what will i do with the list afterwards

All ideas are more than welcome...
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      time on site and bounce rate have to be improved drastically to have any chance of effectively monetizing the site. Have you thought of adding some of the "reverse lookup services" available at clickbank


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        yes i tried a reverse phone lookup product, i got 30-40 clicks but no conversion yet...
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    You can seek out businesses to advertise on your site in the category where they would be listed and someone would be searching for that type of business. You will need to increase your traffic since it is not niche specific and make sure the businesses you are going after will be getting sufficient traffic to their ads.
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    Your best bet is to promote CPA offers. If wisely chosen you can generate quite a bit of revenue.
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    What about pay per buy ads from the Clickbank vendors who have ppc style ads which pay commission?

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      thank you all for your valuable thoughts...

      I'll try some CPA, Clickbank offers and will test what's working best (may be different offers for different categories) and after that i'll build a list or lists according to that...
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    What about selling ad spaces. For doing this, it doesn't essential to move through a 3rd party ad network. Public stats records are very enough.

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    If you have well-ranking directory, you can just contact individuals that will gain profit from being listed on your category and you can rent the virtual space that way..
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    Actually if you think about it, if you want to make money online, the only limit really is your imagination, seriously.

    If you are a creative and imaginative person, you can make money out of thin air.

    No, I am not blowing smoke, this is the real deal.

    To answer your question directly, one particularly powerful non-AdSense related income source you can try to make more money off your directory or yellow pages is premium listings.

    You are basically selling targeted traffic to people who are advertising a niche service or product.

    That product is highly filtered and highly specialized.

    This is especially true if you cater to specific regions in the United States.

    I would seriously look into direct outreach to get either channel subscriptions or customized lead recruitment packages.

    Regardless of what you do and regardless of how you position your advertising space, focus on the fact that you are selling specialized and niche-targeted traffic.

    This type of traffic is very hard to get especially if you are dealing with a particularly narrow or very regional niche.
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