Can you do IM without PPC

by szaby
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I want to start in IM but i don`t have 2k per month to burn in order to do PPC.Can you tell me is it possible to make money without it and what are some free traffic techniques besides SEO.
Thank you
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    There is no such thing as Internet Marketing... The phrase internet marketing means exactly what it says marketing on the internet... You can market anything on the internet don't put yourself in a box.

    Traffic is just going where people hang out at.

    Social Media is free
    YouTube is free (posting videos)
    Blogging to get your message out.

    PPC is just one form of advertising
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    Andre provided a great list but of course he missed the most obvious one, forums!

    Finds leading niche forums like the Warriorforum in your chosen niche and engage with your potential customers.
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    You definitely don't need to do PPC. Solo ads do cost money, but if you buy from the right people are pretty effective. For free traffic methods there is forum marketing, blogging, building a network on Twitter/Tumblr/ Linked In, video marketing etc. Takes a lot of time though.
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    PPC is not the only tool in the shed to advertise and get eyeballs on your offers, blogs, squeeze page, etc.

    As mentioned above, you can use social sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. as well as posting videos to YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and other video sharing sites.

    You can also create PDF`s of 5 pages or so, with your link(s) included, and post them on document sharing sites such as Scribd, etc.

    Banner ads on related blogs and forums.

    Free classified ads on CL, Backpage, UsFreeAds, etc.

    Offline ads in magazines or newspapers also work for traffic.

    Look for the All-in-one traffic tread here on the WF for more traffic tips. The search function at the top of this forum can be your friend, if you allow it to be
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    I can't take credit for this (Nicheman posted it earlier) but here's a list of 21 different free traffic strategies you can use, with pretty good explanations on why/how.

    21 Strategies to Drive More Free Website Traffic Today

    Sid Hale
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    Originally Posted by szaby View Post


    I want to start in IM but i don`t have 2k per month to burn in order to do PPC.Can you tell me is it possible to make money without it and what are some free traffic techniques besides SEO.
    Thank you
    It possible!.

    The best media for do IM with low budget is:
    - build your brand with professional blog
    - build list for your promotion & marketing
    - using social media for engage with your target market

    But the fastest way is using this best warrior forum to increase your traffic and socialization with IM people in the world.


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    See this thread for hundreds of free traffic generation methods

    1 There is no such thing as free - it all takes time and that's the most precious commodity we have so use it wisely.
    2. It doesn't matter how much traffic you have unless you have a sales funnel that converts.

    When I truly appreciated these 2 things is when I started to see results.

    All best wishes.

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    PPC is great and obvious, but there are TONS of low cost places that you can advertise at. For example.... did you know that there are mobile PPC advertising sites with very low competition, that you can go on and dominate? You should look into it. Do you have a mobile version of your site ready?
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    Beside SEO you can use forum and guestposting
    you´ll have a lot of free targeted traffic, also you can use social media.

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