Promoting a free product: What am I doing wrong?

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I'm an open-source developer working with a small team on a project for fun.

First, some irony: I built a successful for-profit online business, mostly using CPC. But ironically, I can't seem to get anyone to notice this free project. I'm stuck!

There's 2 parts:
#1: Free file sharing, where you can use your own server:
Share By Link: Free file sharing, open-source goodness.
#2: A dropbox-like sync tool that lets you use an FTP server instead of Dropbox:
IQ Uploader: Sync with FTP on PC and Mac.

The 2 are related.

I don't have plans to monetize right now. I specifically want to do this as a hobby and not worry about it.

I'm willing to spend some money to get the word out there, but how?

Now, certainly the design could be improved. But it's free and getting almost no traffic.

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    If you have a look at Codecanyon, and add your offering there, it should attract the kind of attention you are looking for as there is a place to discuss your type of project there.

    Good luck.
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      Thanks. Any other places where you might suggest promoting?
      Any other ideas?

      Ex: What about places where I can set up a contest? (Ex: Review our software and get a thank you note on our Facebook Wall, plus win a chance to get a free iPad.)
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    If it's a ground-breaking idea, why not write a press release about it? I've seen press releases written about a lot less interesting things!
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    1. Who is your target market?

    2. Are there other products the current market uses? If so, how would they benefit by changing to your product?

    Rob Whisonant
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