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I am a foreign national and i don't live in USA. But the country were i live in, many CPA's don't know what an affiliate marketing is and also they don't have any clue on how to file my taxes. And mostly, i make payments to US companies to buy advertisements and i get funds from US companies through wire transfers and i am losing much of my money during foreign conversions.

So i am thinking of registering a US company somewhere in Delaware, which i heard it is a good place for tax benefits. And get a bank account and do all these payments from US bank directly, so that i can avoid foreign exchange rates and can easily get payments to my US Bank.

But, my question is, has anyone had any experience like this being a foreign national and setup a LLC in USA?

Are you filing Annual returns of that LLC company easily or paying too much for CPA's and for your taxation?

Are you able to move freely from your home country to USA without any restrictions from US embassy?

Any help would be appreciated
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    Setting up q Delqzqre LLC is not a big deal. You can pick from several scores of outfits who are willing to help you do that. Shop around - prices vary widely. Be aware that you will need to pay an annual Delaware Francise tax - $250 and a fee for a registered agent. This too varies widely. Don't settle for anything more than USD 50.

    There is pretty much no chance that you can setup a US bank account without travelling to the US. Dont' let anyone convince you otherwise. You might be able to get away with setting up a USD account in your country - if that is allowed - but there are complications. Payment providers may not be willing to transfer payments (so choose your PP carefully), Google for example will not pay out ad revenues overseas for a US company etc.

    Hope that helps.
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