Are proofreaders on FIVERR reliable?

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Hi, guys!
Need a proofreader for a lot of texts. Does anyone know a good editor&proofreader on Fiverr you can recommend? Need a US-based person.
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    Well, look at this thus way, if you were an experienced, GOOD proof reader, would you honestly work for, on average, $4/1,000 words (Fiverr takes $1 from every $5 charged)? Some of them charge substantially less than this . . .
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    Yea i wouldn't go to fiverr for a proof reader. Try using something like elancer. or upwork (odesk). More expensive, but you will get a good proof reader that does the job.
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    Its the same as a lot of fiverr blog writers they use google translate if it's not there first language and you can imagine the results.
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    I've found some decent proofreaders on there. But - you get what you pay for. No proofreader is going to take low-quality work from overseas and turn it into legitimate copy.

    I'm a Freelance Copywriter that helps Agencies, Startups and Businesses Educate Their Audience and Grow Sales
    Skype Me: r.boze
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    C'm on now... what is the little voice in your head telling you?

    Now go and get (pay) a professional.
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      Hmmmm. Seems to me like it only costs a fiver to find out. :-)

      Fiverr is no different than anyplace, else. There are good sellers and bad. Life is a crap shoot.

      Cheers. - Frank
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    I haven't used them in a few years and went with them because they were local, but they're not $5 either.
    I was very happy with the service!

    Freelance editor, proofreader - Chicago, Illinois
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    How about finding one on warriorforum instead?

    Sure, you'll have to pay more but you'll probably end up getting way better results than using a seller on Fiverr.


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    I hired this lady on Fiverr for proofreading, a native English speaker and highly rated. After she was done, I had to correct her mistakes. When I showed it to her, she apologized and offered me a free round. Never going to happen.

    Not saying all are bad, but my experience have been poor.
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    Ok, are here any proofreaders&editors?
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    Fiverr is generally motivated for quick cash. So cash comes first. Quality comes second. Quality proofreaders are not charging $5. They then their worth, they're likely on eLance or Freelance sites.
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    Shwepps, I am a proofreader and editor and may be able to help you.
    However, I am certainly not going to turn my computer on for the $4 you would pay a Fiverr person.

    Have a think about this for a moment. You write your material (or you get somebody to do it for you). You obviously want to check the quality and ensure you have no errors. So why would you pay peanuts instead of finding somebody who knows what they're doing and you can use the material as soon as you get it back from the proofreader/editor?

    Feel free to pm me and tell me what needs to be done and I can give you a price.

    Also, why must you use an American proofreader? I am Australian but do most of my work using US English so it's easy to fix errors. I am sure others do the same.

    Cheers, Laurence.

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