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Has anyone ever used Fiverr to find hosting plans?

I came across a gig offering hosting for $5 a month. To good to be true you think?

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    I would definitely avoid these types of gigs.

    They are most likely a reseller and will probably not be able to provide the reliability and speed of a reputable web host. There are other reputable web hosts with millions of customers that offer hosting cheaper than this when you decide to bill annually. I would try this instead if you aren't looking to spend a lot of money.
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    $5 is really not that much cheaper than getting a cheap package from a reputable host provider. These people are hosting your site on their hosting account which probably doesn't cost that much more.

    If you're serious about internet marketing, you should also be serious about site security. I wouldn't risk having the details of any of my sites exposed to a random person on fiverr.

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      I totally agree with the first 2 replies. You can put the hosting cost against your tax bill & just one small product sale per month covers your hosting bill if you are on a tight budget.

      If you decide to go with a reputable hosting company they'll do an affiliate program which is another way to get sales & cover your costs.

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    Hosting is too cheap from good hosting companies to mess around with.

    What these fiverr people are doing is buying a hosting package for $5 a month and hosting 100 sites on it. It;s a recipe for disaster
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    Originally Posted by imsolutionsgroup View Post

    I came across a gig offering hosting for $5 a month. To good to be true you think?
    Looks like a recipe for disaster... It's not even that low of a price. Go with a REAL web hosting company. If you're looking to save some money do some research on WebHostingTalk.
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    That hosting service that's being advertised on Fiverr for five dollars a month is actually more expensive than a lot of the discounted hosting services offered on the Internet.

    Hosting has become a commodity.

    So it's no surprise that people are offering hosting as gigs on Fiverr.

    But keep in mind that those offers tend to be on the more expensive side.

    With that said, you get what you pay for.

    If you're looking for cheap hosting because you are posting up content that doesn't rely on stability or host quality, then by all means look for one-dollar to two-dollar hosting.

    Or in the case of Fiverr, five-dollar hosting.

    However, if you are running a money site or your e-commerce site, then you might want to look for something more robust.

    At the very least, look up to renting your own dedicated server.

    Otherwise, you're simply rolling the dice with your online business.

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    Yeah, wow, stay away from fiverr for hosting.
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    It depends on what you are going to host. If you just have some static website with 4-5 html pages then go for it.

    But if you are going to run a blog and your whole business is gonna depend on it. Then look for some better options. Never do compromise on hosting in that case just for the sake of saving some bucks.
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    As some people already said... That is more expensive than some other high quality hosting plans.
    I can recommend you StableHost.com (I'm using them for about 10 months and never had any problems).
    Their cheapest web hosting plan costs $3.95/month.
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    Although you may deem it a conflict of interest, I'd like to comment on this (if you think it's too much of a conflict of interest, disregard this post or just take it with a grain of salt).

    "Companies" advertising services on sites like Fiverr and eBay are rarely companies. Too often they are not legally registered entities and have a one-man support show, meaning that they may be limited on (or worse, entirely void of) support and competent administrators.

    If you insist on buying from Fiverr, make sure you do research on the company. Do they have reviews? Does their site seem legitimate (i.e. not a ThemeForest design)? How long have they been in business? With a few short questions, you can eliminate 95% of the bad providers.

    Happy hosting

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    When you can find vouchers for a years worth of Dreamhost shared hosting for $20, I thinkg you know what the Fiverr seller is doing.
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