Any Advice for Buying on Flippa?

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I've heard lots of advice about quickly creating sleek looking websites, driving traffic, and then selling them for a profit, but I haven't heard the other side of the story.

As someone who wants to start in online marketing, why not buy a website that's already making money, to get a feel for how money (and traffic) flows online. A lot of websites on there are already generating revenue, and will repay their price in under 2 years.

Has anyone does this before, and could offer any advice?
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    Last I heard, they were doing free evaluation of all the sites or the sites that you request from their platform, you can go that way and find out what they think about the site you watnt to buy..
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    Some sellers may trick you. Try to ask some results such as the number of traffic they received daily/monthly, earnings etc.
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    It's not enough to get traffic figures, you need to find the source of traffic.

    If the traffic is from organic searches (search engines), then you'll need to look at the backlinks pointing to the website and make sure they're not all artificially made on their private network. If it looks fishy, then chances are they'll take away all the links after the sale, leaving you with a trafficless site. If the backlinks look like good contextual backlinks from natural sources, or ones that aren't easily changed then you're good.

    If the main traffic source is from advertisement, then this may or may not be a bad thing. Do some research to see how much he's paying for traffic, where he's getting the traffic from, and work out whether it's a viable business plan.

    If the main traffic source is from social networks, then you'll need to see whether you can replicate his success, or see what he's doing, and try to get him to transfer the accounts to you.

    I personally would not recommend anyone starting out to just buy a pre existing website off flippa. There are simply too many sharks looking to rip you off, too many cookie cutter sites, and the websites that are worth bidding on are inflated.

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      Thanks for all the advice, you've partly confirmed my suspicions about these websites being too good to be true.

      If I put in all the required research, do you think $1000 dollars can get me a website that makes around $100 a month, with room to grow it over the next few months?
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    Comes down to what you want to do! It all works. Maybe like you said buy a website that is already generating traffic and sales and learn to maintain that and grow it at the same time. Them maybe later down the road you can build a website your own around a niche that you like and turn around and sell it if you wanted to.

    Break it all down into a plan on what you want to do and then go to work.

    Get good at running traffic and converting that traffic into money you can easy make yourself a hundred thousand or so with two sites and say a 9 month goal.

    Not bad from working in your home office.

    Supply and demand baby... two of the most sexiest words
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  • You may need to do some detective work beyond what they are giving you as some sellers embellish and can twist stats and numbers to make things appear better than they are.

    Verified Google Analytics is very important for a site claiming large traffic. AWStats or raw numbers can mean different things and make things appear inflated. Really dig deep on revenue claims and how they made sales. Looks great if they are claiming 2k a month but did they spend that or more on PPC traffic?

    Absolutely use for a purchase that is for a decent amount of money. The process may take longer but any serious seller will appreciate reducing risk and you have insurance. Good luck!
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    Use escrow to verify their claims before releasing funds. If anything isn't accurate reverse the deal.

    Buy from super sellers, Flippa vets us with ID proof and high customer satisfaction scores.

    Lastly don't think of these as financial instruments. They are businesses. When you buy a real business you look for something that excites you. Don't buy a restaurant if you know nothing about the biz. Likewise with websites. Find a product that you can understand and get behind.

    Good luck
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