Any Website Or Analytics Report That Shows WHERE On A Page People Are Bouncing From?

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If it doesn't exist already, it should...

Is there any report on Analytics that shows where on a page a person is bouncing from?

I have a long home page, with a pretty high bounce rate, but long Avg. time on page. So people are reading, but leaving somewhere... if I just knew where that somewhere was...

Any website or analytics report that shows this?


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    Wrong section.

    I think this belongs in SEO.

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      You may be misunderstanding your analytics. If you filter or create a segment so that you are looking only at bounced visits you should see that your "average time on page" is zero. Only non-bounced visits will have any average time on page.

      Analytics tools by default only track page loads. With some extra scripting they can be made to track clicks as well. But if there are no clicks or page loads after the initial page load then there is no way to know how long a user was on your page or how far they scrolled down your page.

      There are probably some sophisticated ways around this limitation by using dynamically loaded content further down on your page to simulate a new page load but you really have to know your stuff technically to pull that off - it's not an out-of-the box feature for analytics tools.
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        Heat maps... yes, a good idea.

        Yeah, Zodiax, not only SEO people should pay attention to bounce rates...
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    No it doesn't exist.

    Good idea, but rather hard to implement efficiently. It means that every time the visitor scrolls past certain points on the page (going up and down), you send data to the analytics. If the page really is long, then you'll probably need as much as 10 scroll points. So every visitor that makes it to the bottom of the page will have to send data back 10 times minimum.

    You could always try testing it out by putting a "show more" button at various points in the article, and see how many people get to each section.

    Originally Posted by Zodiax View Post

    Wrong section.

    I think this belongs in SEO.
    I didn't know only websites getting traffic from search engines use analytics and have bounce rates.

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    Have you looked into heatmaps?

    Not ideal but should give you an idea where in the page they are getting up to.
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      Quadagon, where do I find those heat maps?
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    You should see only the the page views by the visitor on content tab.You can,t see at which stage the visitor leave the page.Its the only one solution that you see your analytic live all the time in real time and with the time spending on the site you can guess that at which stage visitor gone.Its a funny but true solution of your issue.You should work hard to get success in this regard.

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    There are loads, you can even plug ins for WordPress.

    Here's an article with a list of different ones.

    20 Heatmap Tools for testing your website's usability

    We use a bespoke programming buts that's because we also track eye movement amongst other variables.
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      Thank you, Quadagon! I will give SessionCam a try
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        I didn't realize there were heatmap tools that showed where people scrolled. I assumed they only showed where people clicked. Very cool.
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    I'm not sure why some people are telling you can't check where people scroll or leave...

    You Can Easily...Like said...Heatmaps. Places like clicktale and other services. You can actually even watch the vistior scroll through your site, see where clicked, how long in once section of copy...and even how far and where got before left page. They even have an option where you can play the visitors session, like watching a movie.

    It's way better than regular analytics because you can literally see everything and like said, even watch people scroll through your site.
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      Thanks my friend!
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