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Guys, how many of you bought $50+ per expired domains with good metrics of PR, DA, PA, TF, etc?
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    I have never purchased domains at a premium, but unless the domain is getting lots of traffic or is generating steady reliable income, I don't see the need to pay more than a registration fee (which can be $.99 with a special promotion).

    Here's the thing that most people don't recognize: Google and the other search engines are smart and they know when a domain changes hands.

    The aged domain you buy may have some authority, page rank, and back links from the previous owner's work when you buy it . . . but unless you continue on with the same web site on the domain, Google will quickly discount your authority and page rank if the site is changed. They recognize that the incoming links to the site were not earned by your new web site. They know that the PR on specific pages isn't attributed to your brand new pages on the domain.

    So while you "may have heard" that aged domains are the cat's meow . . . the search engines know what's going on and they do not want to "fool" or mislead the viewers coming to your brand new site and will quickly remove any authority it may have had under the previous owner.


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    I never buy expired domains as google put them in sandbox.

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      Awhile back exact domains were way to get better ranking, but it's not that way now...

      So no I have never bought a expired domain or a premium domain.

      I just keep looking until I can find a .com or worst case .net that describes what the site is about in a quick and easy to remember fashion.

      It's all about content and engagement nowadays...

      Google is trying to end search...

      You type in a keyword they want the first page to completely answer the request ending that persons search.
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    i dont agree i have bought a lot of expired domains with page rank and page rank never drooped and i still maintained to stay on the first page of google, bing and yahoo of 85% of the domains i have bought but 100% of them keep the page rank so i dont know where this myth came from about google.

    But if google came out of this don't believe google they lie about a lot of things apart from the pand updates etc.

    Answering your question about paying $50+ yes i would if it is rare like 1 to 4 letters/numbers long. But you also need to make sure it has some traffic and maybe some page rank to pay that price.

    but for anything else only pay a max of $15.

    Sometimes you might pay a max of $15 for a bad name but then it has a lot of traffic that you did not know about.

    Hope this helps.
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